Feb 082014

I found this video on how to dismantle the wage gap myth with two questions:

The two questions are:

  1. Why hire men?
  2. Who is in on the conspiracy (to pay women less)?

While I told you the two questions, you should still watch the video.  He goes into greater detail.

  8 Responses to “How To Dismantle the Wage Gap Myth with Two Questions”

  1. Perfect …..

  2. I particularly like the part about the onus being on them and not us.

    Really, ALL of their claims should be backed by evidence or taken back.

    Claiming the pay gap is real IS the same as saying that business leaders enjoy losing money.

    Quite extraordinary.

    And extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

  3. Women take jobs that are less dangerous, closer to home, require less time , more flexible, etc. A smart decision in many ways that often results in a better personal life, better health, so on. Then they cry wolf. Single women in their twenties in some urban markets are making more than their male counterparts and if they don’t leave their careers to start families maintain that curve. Don’t see many teaching their daughters about those choices.

  4. Maybe the feminists’ unspoken point is that women should be paid the same despite their different life trajectories, since it’s not their fault they are the only ones that can have babies and are the only sex to have the maternal instincts etc to fully devote themselves to raising children? Is it possible to set out clearly, and as nealy as you have here, the consequences of a society that accommodated this pov, and/or the consequences for a society (perhaps a futuristic one) that really shared the childbearing load equally?

  5. Oops: Nealy = Neatly.

  6. Or better yet, why don’t women hire women, pay them less, and use the savings to undercut male run businesses?

  7. “I think we know that women don’t care about facts and logic.”
    It;s the same when you are arguing with religious folk, any sort of “believer”. The target is never the believer – they can’t be persuaded. The target is always the public watching the debate.
    Corollary – never bother arguing one-on-one with a believer. It’s pointless.

  8. Because women value hysterical drama generation, & gina tingles over economics …

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