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I haven’t had the time to follow what the red pill women are doing.  Fortunately, Laura Grace Robbins has, and she has pointed out that the red pill women are really the grey pill women (as in the 50 Shades of Grey):

I think a lot of the issues stems from women coming off a “50 Shades  of Grey” high and desperately trying to recreate a submissive role in real life. The thing is though authentic submission is not a role, a trick, a wile–I believe authentic submission comes from a heart that is focused on God.

Submission right now is a fad. Just wait till the 50 Shades movie comes out and reignites the craze and see how many more women all of sudden just “get it” and go red pill.  They will go from 50 Shades of Grey to 50 Shades of Red.

What the red grey pill women are doing is not new.  We have seen it before.  It’s another form of Game 2.0.  Call it Game 2.1 if you like.  These women are trying to co-opt game and other ideas from this part of the internet just like Susan Walsh did.  The only difference between them and Susan Walsh was that Susan Walsh was a second wave feminist who had some of her own ideas.  The red grey pill women are doing nothing but a really bad copy of our ideas.  You can even see it from the name of one of their blogs, Return of Queens.  Not only is it an obvious attempt at copying Return of Kings, it sounds like a blog for flamboyant homosexuals.   In a way, that’s appropriate because it shows how the red grey pill women can’t even copy our ideas right.  The red grey pill women are trying so hard to maintain a pretense of femininity without actual femininity that they end up in male homosexual territory.

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  1. I turned 54-years old in December 2013 and I have been putting up with womyn’s feminist crap for over 30-years now … I’m done ! I’ve had enough ! I no longer care about them as a gender, I am not rude to them at all, I do not give them any special consideration for anything, chivalry is dead in my mind. Any manly manful man will admit and knows deep in his soul he can do anything better then a womyn … the only thing they can do that we cannot is incubate life for 9-months, 30-years of feminist crap has sold them a sour batch of junk and has made life very unhappy for females, just because a few womyn here and there get it is not enough, a couple generations of men will have to past their time on earth before we see a major shift in womyn’s behavior and men begin trusting them again. I am seven tenths done with my life and my time here on earth, if I am lucky I’ll live another 20-years before God comes to collect for my rent payment. I’ve made peace with my God as I understand him, I will not waste any more of my time / money / emotional energy on foolish / narcissistic / rude / immature / entitlement minded womyn, if they want my time and my companionship they can ask me out to dinner or a movie and they can pay for it too, I will no longer do anything for them without some sort of cash payment, they can pay a plumber $60.00 an hour to fix the sink or pay a car-mechanic $50.00 an hour to fix their broken car or take their car to Jiffy-lube for an oil change or pay a Landscaper $25.00 an hour to mow their lawn, and no I will not walk your effin’ sissy Pomeranian dog … BUT … I will be seen walking a real dog like a German Shepherd or a Labrador Retriever, if she owns one, only because I’ll probably care more for her “Real Dog” then her…. So, I do not care that a few womyn are chewing on a red or grey pill just to get some more attention. I might get involved with another womyn BUT ONLY if she can show me honor / respect / kindness / fair mindedness, along with a stable mood. Otherwise F-off !!!! Ah-Ho, I have spoken !

    • Grats on turning 54 Karlo, heres hoping the red pill serves you well

      54’s a great age to bang some 20 yr old tale, or explore countries & do tons of stuff you’ve always wanted to do

  2. Thanks.
    “it sounds like a blog for flamboyant homosexuals.” LOL. Now we just need the blog “King of Queens”.

    On a serious note, I am thinking women have been gaming men long before men ever did them. Wiles and “moral dominance” are so obvious when reading through history, if you know what to look for. Male game is self-preservation from the wiles of women and now we are pitted against each other in whoever plays the best game wins the Dom title.

    Remember this about femininity—lipstick on a pig is still a pig, and femininity and submission on a woman is still a woman. She is still human, still fallen, no matter how the femininity brigade likes to dress women up and create unicorns out of horses.

    • My son of 25-years-old is already fed-up with girls crap, as 99.9% of his male friends are, time after time I listen to these boys complain about the insane attitude of girls today. I look at them and say: “there is nothing of value in marriage or a long term relationship with females today and did you know the biggest growing demographic at this point in time is “Single Men” THAT SAYS SOMETHING !

    • @LGRobins

      I dont think you realise how close to the truth when you state shades of gray to the red pill

      The vast majority of reformed sluts such as Sunshine Mary, Sarah’s daughter etc., dont actually sleep around with Alpha’s as they like you to believe

      The vast majority of women dont sleep with alpha’s

      The truth is alot more disturbing, the reality is the vast majority of women sleep around with sociopath’s & highly disturbed psychopaths, which is WHY the vast majority of women are so mentally disturbed & unable to hold relationships with a man, EVEN after 10 years of marriage

      Women literally spend from the age of 14 to 25+ sleeping with sociopaths & mentally unsound psychopaths, this is WHY women dont have empathy for men, they literally grow up whoring around with psychopaths from the age of 14 …

      Most Women dont actually sleep around with alpha’s, as the red pill states, even the red pill has to be sweetened to cater to the masses

      The red pill is but a sweetener, the real red pill is reality & the observed truths of men

  3. Karlo, you stole my story … and my sons. You just my age of 56 wrong :-)

    • I really do not like feeling this way …. BUT … as I said above 30-years of dealing with feminist BS has left me with the understanding that being a MGTOW or Zeta Male is better then being with a womyn … they have screamed equality for years, screamed “we don’t need men anymore” and still expect the men to foot the bill on a date even though they make as much money or more then the guy they’re going out with ….. Womyn bring little or no value to a relationship anymore, at the core of their soul they think more about themselves then anything else … by my own choice I’ve been single going on 4-years now and I have so much peace in my life, I love and protect it like a rabid dog !

  4. Has any one ever heard this saying before ?

    “To thine own self be true”

    It is the best thing a man can do for himself in this crazy society today !
    Get a decent job, buy a modest house and car, keep everything you buy for your home simple, if a womyn comes along that is willing to sleep with you “So be it” otherwise … keep interaction with womyn to a bare minimum, save as much money as you can, build a retirement fund, get everything on your home fixed up while your in your 50’s while you can still do it. Then when retirement hits all you have to worry about is mowing the lawn, washing the windows, cleaning the gutters and all your spare time can be spent doing what ever you like …. move as you please beholden to none except GOD. You’ll be so happy and buy a really cool BBQ.and a Labrador Retriever to hike and fish with, you’ll be amazed at how much better a relationship you’ll have with a dog then a womyn.

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