Jan 182014

All successful computer software falls into one of two categories.  Either it provides enjoyment to the end user (i.e. video games), or it gets some type of work done for the user (i.e. Microsoft Office, Turbo Tax, etc.)  Software that doesn’t fall into one of these two categories is pretty much guaranteed to be a flop even if said software is free.  A subset of software flops is what I’m now calling vagina software, software written exclusively (or almost exclusively) by women about their vaginas.

You might remember the girl power android apps that were the result of a competition that only included female high school students.  Even many of the top teams in that competition couldn’t actually write code themselves and were completely dependent on their “mentors” to actually write code.  The leading app from that competition was an app for girls on how to prevent teenage pregnancy, a prime example of vagina software.  Such software is unnecessary since all a girl has to do is keep her legs closed.  No software was produced by those teenage girls that got work done or was enjoyable.

If you think that’s bad, vagina software can be even worse.  Two women are trying to create a game called “Choice Texas” that supposedly shows how hard it is to get an abortion in Texas.  (It’s “text based” which likely means it will be a series of webpages instead an actual video game.  I’m including it under vagina software because the creators of Choice Texas are trying to pretend its equivalent to AAA games like the Call of Duty series.)  The only subject that these two women can create a “game” about is abortion which means their vaginas.  Are these two women capable of creating an engaging and entertaining video game?  Of course not.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be making a “game” about their vaginas.

This is a good example of why the software engineering profession is predominately male.  Computer software either has to provide enjoyment or accomplish real work.  Vagina software does neither, and a group of women trying to produce software are guaranteed to produce vagina software.

  5 Responses to “Vagina Software”

  1. Yes and DON’T Get me started on Anita Sarkastican I mean Sarkeesian!

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  3. A subcategory of vagina art.

  4. […] to make bread is completely different from the yeast found in her vagina.)  It is also similar to vagina software, how women only make software related to their vaginas (i.e. not getting pregnant, a….  Just like with vagina software, Zoe Stavri couldn’t actually invent a new type of bread or […]

  5. […] keeping with their gender identity.”  In other words, we will end up with nothing but more vagina software.  (Hopefully, said vagina software won’t be created after eating vagina bread and drinking […]

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