Jan 112014

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, was this week, and one of the products demonstrated there was a wearable gaming exoskeleton by PrioVR:

This wearable gaming exoskeleton is one of the many innovative haptic devices that will drive the development of VR sex.  PrioVR has a half body and a full body variant so either half or your whole body can be used an input device for VR game (and thus VR sex).  Once this wearable gaming exoskeleton becomes a commercial product, later versions of it will likely provide force feedback so it will give you the feeling of having sex with another person.

This isn’t the type of thing that will be in stores next month, but it is coming.  PrioVR is planning on having the full body wearable exoskeleton priced at $400 so even from the first day these are available, they will be fairly affordable.

  2 Responses to “A Wearable Gaming Exoskeleton”

  1. It won’t just be acceptable. It will be affordable as well. This gaming exoskeleton is very affordable even in its first generation. It will only be more affordable by 2020.

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