Dec 282013

I was in an airport in the midst of some Christmas travel, and I overheard some slut complaining about the men she meets.  Apparently, men only want to take her to gun shows except for this one guy who texts her on an almost daily basis at 10PM inviting her to his place for a drink.  She even complained that late night drink guy only texts her and never calls her.  This slut can’t figure out why men only invite her to gun shows or late night drinks.

I can help answer this.  It’s because most women aren’t worth investing in.  These guys think correctly that she is only worth the bare minimum of investment to get her to put out.  The gun show guys are only asking her to something they are already doing.  Late night drink guy doesn’t even think she is worth the time of a phone call.  That’s close to the absolute minimum of investment in a woman.  It’s one step above sending a text saying, “let’s fuck”.

What this slut doesn’t understand is that all she has to offer is a vagina.  The men she meets recognize that she doesn’t offer much and act accordingly.  If she wants men to do more than text her for late night drinks and bring her to gun shows, she has to offer more.

I’m certain that the men this slut meets have never heard of men’s rights, game, MGTOW, or any of the ideas in this part of the internet.  Yet, these men are acting like they have because this is the reality when a woman has nothing to offer but her vagina.

  3 Responses to “Why Do Guys Only Want To Take Me To Gun Shows?”

  1. I am still digesting the RED PILL and although I do not go around talking about it I now mentally think of myself as a Zeta male or a MGTOW.
    I am going to be 54-years old in a few days and have finally woke up to womyn’s ways. I am so sick of their shit I won’t even use the letters M. E. N. or M. A. N. when I write about womyn …. They don’t deserve it ! ! !

  2. “…If she wants men to do more than text her for late night drinks and bring her to gun shows, she has to offer more.”

    To the feminist modern womyn of today’s society, that statement is ‘mysogynistic’ and ‘patriarchal oppression’. To them, a womyn has a VAGINA — and THAT is quite enough! It’s MEN who have to offer more…and more, and more, AND MORE!!!!!
    And even THAT is never enough…
    Why should we men interact with those who hate us?
    Modern womyn have made themselves (and the legal system) toxic to the point that they are best avoided and shunned.

    Men — save yourself from years of exploitation, manipulation, misery, financial ruin, psychological/mental (and likely physical) abuse, and spiritual corruption.
    Don’t cohabit, don’t marry, and above all — DO NOT father children!
    Go Your Own Way instead.

  3. Having recently retired, I can tell you women in the workplace today are nothing but “entitled bitches”. Few, very few make less than the men, in some cases more, and in almost all cases do far less work than their male counterparts. Women by nature, are lazy, whiny and complacent creatures. They demand equal pay, while not being bashful about asking a man’s help when they cannot lift a box paper and bring it to the copy machine, while whining about men who don’t make coffee in the office.. If a woman can’t lift a box of paper, as a man does (physically or otherwise) her worth is not as much as a man’s. Plus the fact she can and often does become pregnant, makes her less valuable, simply because often times she doesn’t return after the company has invested as much in her as any man. I could list more things that favor women in the workplace, but I think you get the idea. Can you imagine if all married women with children left the workplace, what would happen. Unemployment would be nearly zero, salaries would go up, not down. Then of course, women would still complain about something, that’s what they do best.

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