Dec 262013

8to12 wrote a comment about video games:

I don’t even play video games, but I’m sick of hearing men being bashed over playing video games.

Video games are this generation’s equivalent of golf.

Growing up I can remember hearing my aunt b******g about her husband playing golf. The guy ran his own business (carpet installation); worked 6 days a week; an 8 hour work day was considered a short day. On Sunday afternoons he played a round of golf with his buddies; had a few beers; and blew off some steam.

He worked hard; he supported his family; and by every indication he was a good dad and husband. But when the subject of golf came up, all that went out the window. He was wasting his time and ignoring his family, because of some juvenile kid’s game. B***h, b***h, b***h.

I see the same attitude today towards video games, and my response is so effing what? If a single man supports himself or a married man is responsible and supports himself and his family, so effing what if he wants to blow off some steam playing video games.

Every generation has had an equivalent activity. The next time you want to deride someone for playing video games, just substitute your generation’s activity (golf, garage rock band, adult softball, bowling, etc…) for video game and you’ll realize just how stupid your criticism of video games is.

The opposition to video games has nothing to do with video games themselves.  It could be golf or anything else men enjoy.  Men are not allowed to be involved in an activity without women.

  8 Responses to “Video Games Are This Generation’s Equivalent Of Golf”

  1. video games are way more fun than golf tho.

    just thought someone should say it.

  2. Back in the 1980’s I used to put in 10 to 12 hour days driving truck delivering automotive batteries, made dam good money doing it too ! My wife at the time had a very EZ life due to my hard work, when Nintendo first came out I would unwind with a beer and a game called Kid Icarus after work for a couple of hours, that was around 28 years ago and I remember my exwife being a bitch about it, she was never happy with what I did, but she liked spending my money, when I started demanding some respect for everything I did for the family … EXAMPLE: Make my lunch for the next day, keep the effin house clean, even give me a good roll in the hay from time to time. The more respect I demand the more difficult she became to live with, the last two years of our marriage was pure hell, finally at one point she requested a divorce …. Then the fun began with the anti-male court system …. Lets just say I lost it all and never really fully recovered from it ….. but …. Life goes on ! I truly wish I could get all men to swallow the “Red Pill”

  3. and cheaper than golf. You would think women would like such an economical hobby, more money for her silly things.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with men’s right to play video games. Video games are a non-destructive way for men to spend their leisure time. Also, women and society in general are wary of groups of young men doing their own thing without the supervision of women or elders because sometimes, groups of young men doing their own thing lead to revolutions, insurgencies, rebellions, and terrorist cells. Nowadays, the vast majority of young men in groups are just playing video games, or watching a sci-fi movie, or trading comic books. Women and society in general really need to lighten up on these young men and just let them do what they want (most of the time).

  5. Meh. Women, manginas, and White Knights have been complaining about men’s past-times since time immemorial. More things change the more they stay the same.

  6. Men like golf for the same reason they like head: For a little while, It’s quieter.

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