Dec 112013

You may have heard about how Microsoft was creating a bra that would help stop women from emotional overeating.  It turns out that isn’t the case.  Even though Microsoft wasn’t working on a bra to stop women from overeating, it should.  There are certainly enough overweight women who need it.

While Microsoft is at it, they should also create litter boxes for women because feminists have been very successful convincing women that potty training and basic cleanliness oppresses women to the point where women are taking dumps in showers.  (Feminists are viewed as unhygienic and filthy for a reason.)  Given how filthy women are getting, I expect litter boxes for women and other products to help women clean themselves to be a growth industry (if women can be convinced to purchase and use them).  Microsoft needs to find new streams of revenue, and this is potentially a highly profitable one.

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