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When someone talks about how voter ID laws (supposedly) cause voter suppression, it’s usually in reference to racial minorities or the poor.  While charges of voter suppression due to voter ID laws are bogus, it hasn’t stopped women from trying to make voter suppression all about them just like how women have made circumcision all about them.

If you take a look at the USA Today article, everything women do causes them to have their votes suppressed.  Getting married suppresses their votes.  Getting divorced suppresses their votes.  Having to update their IDs suppresses their votes.  I’m surprised the article didn’t say that women getting up in the morning suppresses their votes.  The article says that it’s harder to update voter ID cards (and other forms of ID) after divorce than after getting married.  Given that most divorces (around 80% to 90%) are initiated by women, that means that women are the cause of their own vote suppression.  (Of course, this is probably an attempt to blame men for divorce when it’s women who actually cause divorce.)

I recommend everyone read the article at USA Today.  It’s probably the best argument against women’s suffrage I have ever seen.  If you can’t handle basic life tasks like keeping your IDs up to date, then you shouldn’t be voting.

  4 Responses to “Women Hardest Hit By Voter ID Laws”

  1. will history even remember the female gender’s attempt to turn themselves into the ultimate victim class?

    I say that history will never forget it.

  2. This quote from the article is worth noting:

    “Factor in a divorce rate of 40%-50% and, according a 2006 survey by the Brennan Center for Justice, the fact that almost one-third of eligible women voters don’t possess a government-issued photo ID, and it doesn’t take a genius to do the math and see that women voters are facing a major setback.”

    It doesn’t take a genius to note that gratuitous betrayal does not entitle you to legal benefits, let alone financial ones.

  3. “… almost one-third of eligible women voters don’t possess a government-issued photo ID”

    WTF? Are nearly 1/3rd of vote-eligible women morons? [for the record, I doubt so many are so stupid]

    So, what else might account for this supposed lack of ID’s?

    from the article we find: “When I divorced my first husband, it took me months to find the time to obtain notarized copies of my divorce papers and to get the necessary government offices to change my Social Security card and driver’s license.”

    Sounds more like a matter of pure laziness than anything else (in this one woman’s case). Still, unless they also change their names on their voter registration, their old ID’s would do just fine. If Mary Smith, of 123 Main Street is registered to vote, then even if Mary has changed her name back to Jones, her old ID will raise no red flags.

    The claim that almost one-third of supposedly eligible women having no gov-issued photo ID is preposterous on it’s face. Most women have at least a drivers licence these days.

    I suspect that even if they included non-citizen women (who are technically ineligible to vote), the claim that 1/3 lack ID’s is still vastly overstated.

  4. “When I divorced my first husband”
    Started loling at that point.

    “… almost one-third of eligible women voters don’t possess a government-issued photo ID”
    Right, so about 1/6 of American adults have no driver’s license, have never gone to the bar, bought alcohol or cigarettes, left the country, etc.

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