Nov 182013

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Obamacare has a fatal flaw. It requires the group that needs the least amount of health insurance on average to pay the most money compared to any other group for it. That group is young men, particularly young single men, and young men have no reason to purchase health insurance under the Obamacare system. For most young (single) men, the only health insurance they need is catastrophic insurance, but such a health insurance plan is considered “substandard” under Obamacare. Health insurance plans under Obamacare have to include things that young (single) men will never use like maternity coverage. Even though there are fines for not buying health insurance under Obamacare, young (single) men have less reason to purchase health insurance under Obamacare than they did before Obamacare.

Because young (single) men have no reason to support to Obamacare system, posters like these have been created in a desperate attempt to get young (single) men to buy into Obamacare:


This poster was created by Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, and it’s a complete lie for at least two reasons. First, Obamacare can’t be called “brosurance” because it will never benefit “bros” or young (single) men. It will only benefit women, and women will always have priority over men under the Obamacare health system. Obamacare should be called gynosurance not brosurance. Second, health insurance under Obamacare will cost a young (single) man a great deal more than beer money because he is subsidizing everyone else’s health care. It’s actually better described as a “bro-tax”, “bro-fine”.

A more recognized name for a “bro-tax” is a bachelor tax. Obamacare is probably the first actual bachelor tax in the United States. It’s not a coincidence that the first bachelor tax in the U.S. was related to health care. Men used to subsidize women’s health insurance via family health insurance plans. Specifically, men subsidized the health insurance of their wives and daughters. As marriage rates have dropped so has the marital health insurance subsidy has evaporated. In other words, Obamacare is the first (unintentional) salvo against the marriage strike, MGTOW/MOO (men going their own way/men opting out).

While Obamacare was caused by the marriage strike & MGTOW/MOO, it will also fail because of the marriage strike & MGTOW/MOO. A young single man has no reason to subsidize the health insurance of women he doesn’t know. (Many young single men couldn’t even if they wanted to because unemployment is high among young men.) Men who have decided to never get married or go their own way/opt out will never subsidize the health insurance of women they don’t know. The government will never be able to force marriage striking men and MGTOW/MOOs to pay into Obamacare or a similar scheme. If the fine for not buying into Obamacare is cheap, then it’s cheaper to pay the fine and women’s health insurance isn’t subsidized enough. If the fine is expensive, then it’s cheaper to go to jail. A man in jail will never pay health insurance. Instead his health insurance will become an additional cost for the government making the problem the problem even worse.

Obamacare is guaranteed to fail since the government has no way to force men to buy into the system. Any replacement for Obamacare that attempts to have men subsidize women’s health insurance will fail for the same reason.

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