Nov 262013

Stardusk created a new video where he describes 21st century feminism:

What Stardusk calls 21st century feminism is really nazbol misandry.  He talked about how feminism has stopped attempting to have a consistent ideology and become a money laundering scheme.  This is something I already said in different words, but the term, money laundering scheme, is important.  Nazbol misandry doesn’t care about ideology or consistency.  It’s all about raw greed.  Nazbol misandry is equivalent to the mafia, drug cartels, and other criminal organizations.

Does the mafia or the Medellín Cartel care about ideology?  No, they’re all about the money.  They don’t care about ideology or morality.  They do whatever they want, whenever they want to get what they want.  The only limit on what they do is their fear of repercussions.  Imagine if the mafia or the Medellín Cartel controlled the government.  They would be able to do anything they wanted with the only limit being a popular revolt or people opting out.  Nazbol misandry is the gynocentric version of what the mafia or the Medellín Cartel would look like if most limits on their actions were removed.

Misandry has gone from being an ideology to a criminal enterprise.


  5 Responses to “Stardusk Discovers Nazbol Misandry”

  1. I would like to know what we as men can do to protect ourselves, as I have had serious co-dependency issues with women and paid the price in full, I am 62 now and want to live out my remaining years without the fucking victim status that women love to impose on men while all the time claiming they are victims.
    Of course studying co dependency is very important as knowledge is power.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.


  2. I don’t think feminism has ever been a consistent ideology, and not simply a criminal movement (maybe I’m just jaded).
    Btw… “They would be able to do anything they wanted with the only limit being a popular revolt or people opting out.” With the detail that, as most women are much more entitled than the average criminal, feminism has greater chances of not respecting the limit of a popular revolt (with extreme suppression) or people opting out (with extreme laws against it).

  3. the only difference between pre and post feminism women was what they gave back to men in exchange for that money.

    before feminism, there was a social obligation for women to be good wives. now, there’s nothing.

  4. Too many whores and born again virgins. I have no interest in a whore that wants to become a housewife.

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