Nov 202013

There’s a new show on the Fox Network called Almost Human.  It’s a science fiction cop show that takes place in the year 2048.  The second episode had to do with sex bots.

Since this is television, this episode of Almost Human had to have women being hardest hit by the existence of sex bots.  That’s exactly what happened.  Sex bots in Almost Human have lifelike skin, but it’s different enough that anyone can tell it isn’t the real thing.  An Albanian crime ring decides to offer its customers with a more real sex bot experience, so they start abducting women and harvesting their skin to be used for the sex bots.

Since this is the year 2048, you would think the technology to grow human skin would exist making abducting women completely unnecessary.  In fact, the first episode of Almost Human talks about how programmable DNA exists which can be used, among other things, to grow replacement organs for people.  That means the show itself has established that the technology to grow human skin exists.  There is no reason for an Albanian crime ring to abduct women to skin them.  It would be easier and cheaper just to grow skin as part of the sex bot manufacturing process.

The only way that sex bots could “harm” women is by men deciding that they would rather have sex with sex bot than women.  That would be ridiculous as the plot of a TV and would not have the effect of showing women as the victims of the evil menz.  Instead we get the absurdity of “sex bots will cause women to be abducted for their skin”, ignoring what was established on the previous episode, to make it look like women are violated by sex bots.

  8 Responses to “Sex Bots On Almost Human”

  1. Yeah but it was a fun episode even if the idea was a little goofy.

    I am really enjoying the show so far 😀

  2. Oh who could have seen that coming. In the future with all their science magic, enough to make robots that walk and talk and can seem to have logic, skin was actually the real challenge. Better rip and stitch real skin than make a superior one right?
    It’s funny, of all the things they could have chosen to represent the real women, they chose skin. The one part they modify the most and all.

  3. the argument I heard against sexbots for the first time was that it amounted to creating a slave race.

    feminists desperately want to hold onto their control of male sexual outlets.

  4. Dang-it …. At 54-years-old I won’t be around to see this happen …. I would enjoy having a Sex-Bot very much, imagine being able to to turn her off just by saying “shut up” …. no more misandric BS.

  5. Of course, you fellow commenters are aware that the whole abducting females for skin plot is intended to send the message that sex bots hurt real women so that they shouldn’t be allowed in real life, right?

    That that is the real point that should be brought to all our attention and not the obvious science illiteracy?

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