Nov 152013

All of you should remember the conscious men from a couple of years ago and their Dear Woman video:

Have you wondered what a more conservative, less new agey version of the conscious men would look like?  You don’t need to wonder any longer because I found it, a guy who opens doors for women because he adores the feminine genius.  He doesn’t even try to define what the “feminine genius” is supposed to be (probably because he knows he can’t), but he knows he is supposed to serve it:

No, instead when I look at women I see the feminine genius. A genius so profoundly complex, important and valuable that I adore it. I adore the feminine genius because I am a real man who has not had his masculine awareness dulled by erroneous ideologies about gender, or seriously messed up by pornography-fueled predatory attitudes towards women.

As a real man I know that for my masculinity to scale the heights of greatness, I depend totally on the feminine genius to become the best that a man can ever be – in much the same way that I depend on oxygen to keep on living.

Without the complimentary and amazing feminine genius I can never be a real man. Instead I am doomed to be nothing more than the masculine equivalent of a rōnin – the Japanese name for a samurai without a master to lead him, a term which literally means “wave man” because he is adrift without direction and purpose.

I open doors for women because I know they deserve my profound adoration and selfless love. My tiny act of sacrifice is my way of saying ‘I am in awe of your feminine genius and all that I owe to it as a man’.

There you have it, a conservative version of the conscious men.

  8 Responses to “A Conservative Version Of The Conscious Men”

  1. I’ll be right back, I gotta go barf.

  2. This video goes way to far. Men are to blame for everything. We make our mistakes for sure, and there are abuses of women that should not be, but it totally removes any female responsibility for distortion or error. This is so vagina it get me nauseous. marginalization and crimminal attitudes of a misandric society was the catalyst for the MRA. Would women apologize for the man hate and pain? Don’t hold your breath.

  3. The video is narcissistic, conceited, fatuous idiocy.

    Its also retarded.

    I am embarrassed for these people. This is irresponsible behavior. The fact that is sounds ‘nice’ and ‘caring’ is irrelevant.

    How to make women useless and destroy their beauty: tell them things like this.

  4. This really real man looks like the ultimate mangina.
    May his sacrifices opening doors for his overlords pay off, maybe his goddesses wiill reward him with a pat in the back or two someday.

  5. Puke! To say the very least. This reminds me of the “feminine mystique” and the crazy TWRAs. Mystique, genius, whatever!

  6. Oh no, not the Dear Woman video again. Those guys are good candidates for the “yOni” cultists. Nihilists worshipping a void.

  7. WOW, thats some really screwed up stuff. You could have titles this post “How Stupidity Affects Your Brain”.

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