Oct 192013

Last night’s 20/20 didn’t feature its segment on the manosphere and AVfM.  Instead 20/20 showed an hour long episode about the death of Sheena Morris which almost seemed like 20/20 made the decision that it would be better anti-male propaganda than a hit piece on the manosphere and AVfM.  Even a hit piece against AVfM and the manosphere would have caused many men to actually take a look at such sites who otherwise never would have.  Some of those men would realize that 20/20 lied to them.

What happened to Sheena Morris was that she was found dead on New Years Day in 2009.  It looked like a suicide, and the local police ruled it as such.  Sheena Morris’ mother didn’t believe that and started a one woman crusade against the man she believes murdered her daughter, her daughter’s fiance.  While 20/20 tried to make it look like an evil man got away with murdering a woman, that is most likely not what happened.  What is probably going on is that a crazed woman is falsely accusing a man of murder.

The difference between 20/20’s hit piece on the manosphere and AVfM and it’s hit piece on Sheena Morris’ fiance is that anyone can go to a website like AVfM to check it out for themselves easily.  Since checking out what happened to Sheena Morris is much more difficult, the average person won’t do that making the hit piece on Sheena Morris’ fiance much more useful as anti-male propaganda.

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  1. Yep! AVfM recently hosted a big “Party” in Toronto, I’m sure everyone knows this. They were so happy when no one came to protest them. Do they realize that if no one protests them they get no publicity? It was a monumental waste of time. While I for one wish AVfM the best I have to say I’ve slowly shifted my interests and reading time from AVfM to the-spearhead, and other independent MRA blogs. I hope that they do succeed without becoming infiltrated by feminism. I do think that some of the women they promote Erin Pizzy and Karen Straughn both have earned their place as MRA’s and I enjoy listening to them on AVfM. Had Elam stopped there and only invited other women of their caliber then I would be more than satisfied by that. But that’s not what’s happening. Most of the articles are written by women, not that I have any specific problem with women authors. But in a movement like the MRM, and a site like AVfM I want to know that the people who are writing are legitimate and there for the right reasons.

  2. PMAFT,

    Yeah, I saw that too; they totally left out their manosphere hit piece. I think you’re right about why too, because people (mostly men and some women too) WOULD check out AVfM and other manosphere sites. Once they did, they’d realize that 20/20 had lied to them. As you correctly and astutely point out, it’s a lot more effective to take an indirect swipe at men by implicating the fiance’ as Sheena Morris’ murder. The music, the questions, comments, everything was done to make the man look bad.

    Another reason I think that 20/20 didn’t air their manosphere piece is simply because they didn’t have enough MATERIAL. They contacted me, Matt Forney, Bill Price, and other ‘sphere bloggers to participate on the show. All but Paul Elam declined. They didn’t have enough MATERIAL for their show, especially to do a hit piece on the manosphere.

    I used to watch 20/20 back in its early days, back when it was trying to be another “Sixty Minutes”. Hugh Downs was the host, and it was a serious, cerebral, well done show. Now, it looks like a gynocentric whine fest-sheesh! I don’t care for David Muir (an effeminate man if I ever saw one), and I can’t STAND Elizabeth Vargas-ugghh! 20/20 sure has gone down since I used to watch it…

    It’s possible that 20/20 may air the manosphere piece in the future; it’s ‘in the can’, as it were, so they might as well. However, the last thing that they’d want to do is help their ideological enemies (i.e. us), so they may KEEP it in the can. Anyway, those are my disjointed thoughts. Good night now…


  3. gotta give the MSM credit for realizing how much power they can give to someone just by giving them attention. now if only they would learn that lesson when it came to actually dangerous people like serial killers.

  4. Even a hit piece against AVfM and the manosphere would have caused many men to actually take a look at such sites who otherwise never would have. Some of those men would realize that 20/20 lied to them.
    And doesn’t it shock you to see just how many in the manosphere don’t seem to get this?

    Manosphere fear of bad press is based on what I like to call the ‘androgynous fallacy’.

    The idea that there exists huge masses of folks who, like an androgynous person, have no dog in this fight over gender relations.

    And therefore this mass can (rapidly) be persuaded to become feminists or anti-feminists based largely on who’s propaganda reaches their ears first.

    It’s really quite amazing when you think about it.

    Who, exactly, are we trying to impress by saying this but not saying that, by denouncing this guy or that, etc. ?

    What impartial jury of public opinion on all gender matters are we trying to reach?

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