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A couple days ago Miriam Carey, a woman from Connecticut, was involved in a car chase here in DC where she rammed a barricade at the White House eventually leading to police having to shoot her.  Carey was suffering from several forms of mental illness including postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.  Carey’s boyfriend (and father of her child) had to call the police twice on her last year because of her mentally ill behavior that was dangerous to their daughter.  Carey even believed that President Obama was going to lockdown her hometown, had her put under electronic surveillance, was stalking her, and that she could communicate with the President.  Despite all of this a social worker believed that Carey was “100% better” at the beginning on this year.  Obviously, this was wrong.

There is a lot of denial about Carey’s mental illness.  Carey’s family is denying that she was bipolar and schizophrenic.  Instead, Carey’s family is saying that she only had postpartum depression.  Carey’s family is denying that she was bipolar and schizophrenic despite that fact that she was being treated for it and that there is a family history of schizophrenia.  What is with all of this denial?  Why did a social worker think that Carey was “100% better” at the beginning of this year?

Miriam Carey’s mental illness weren’t taken seriously because she’s a woman.  The standards for mental sanity are much for stringent for men.  Had the standards of mental sanity applied to men, also applied to women, then Carey would never have had the opportunity to go to DC to try and get to Obama.  She never would have been shot.  Why aren’t the standards for mental sanity the same for men and women?  Obviously, they should be.  That’s another result of feminism.  If doctors and social workers actually tried to apply the same standards for mental sanity to women, feminists would be up in arms yelling about how “women’s natural ways of thinking are being declared a mental illness by the patriarchy”.  Feminists need a lesser standard of mental sanity for women for many reasons from a justification of female bad and feral behavior to making things like the false abuse industry possible.

Since feminism is so pervasive, neither a social worker (who is a part of a profession that is very sympathetic to feminism) nor Carey’s family believed that Carey was mentally ill (beyond postpartum depression).  This isn’t the fault of the DC police who had to take extreme measures.  Until feminism is forced out of the mental health and social work fields, there will be more Miriam Careys that the police will have to deal with in the future.

  8 Responses to “Is Miriam Carey An Example Of Mental Illness In Women Not Being Taken Seriously?”

  1. I think part of the case is that most women have a bit of crazy in them (how many are on anti depressants?) and it difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.

    How many men here haven’t been on the arse end of a woman’s tantrum?

    • If the standards of mental sanity applied to men, were applied to women, then I think we would be able to identify mental illness in women. Of course, that would lead to a significant percentage of women being identified as mentally ill. And that is something that is dangerous to feminism, traditionalism, and every form of misandary out there.

  2. You are one evil mysogynyst man. This poor lady was treated by male doctors who have no desire to understand the female brain. God created women to be different from men, to complement men, not to be the same as men. You, Mr. Evil Mysogynyst man are making war on God’s design and He will strike you and your MRA boys down.

  3. LMAO! “Poor” lady? If a guy had done that he would be cast by the American media as a psychopath who brought about his own demise. Same thing should apply to her. Enough of your special aristocratic privilege mentality.

  4. @Cath
    “You, Mr. Evil Mysogynyst man are making war on God’s design and He will strike you and your MRA boys down.”

    Really? God is going to strike these men down for discussing mental illness?
    Just so you know, I have females in my family suffering from bipolar(manic/depression) disease and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy it’s that nasty, but simply making truthful comments about this illness and its is not the same as making fun of them.

  5. women are really shitty people.

  6. This one’s something that I’ve been saying for a while and people that don’t think just find it odd.
    Feminism hurts all of society, and in ways we can’t even imagine, even women.
    The feminists in charge don’t care about women, they will let them all be off worse and allow a few to suffer a lot if it’s what benefits their movement.

    So maybe she really was crazy. Feminism then lowered the bar, and put a barricade on anyone trying to look into it.
    . Maybe it was so she could keep custody, because it would be such a baad precedent for feminists if men could get custody once in a while.
    Maye the doctors just don’t want crazy women on the picture, because it’s againstt the PC or it might shatter the illusion that women are always the sensible sane ones.
    The fact is that women end up patronized and enabled more, the crazy is either acccepted or hidden.
    And seriously this woman might have been really messed up. And now she’s dead.
    And what about her daughter?
    Now she will grow up with a dead mom that will be famous for this stunt.
    Without feminism she would still be alive, with some medication to help her out, she wouldn’t be encouraged to take custody and ditch the father away, the father could have been given a chance to raise the daughter well and she would grow up with a better life.
    Of course the media are coordinating themselves with what benefits feminism and hiding her previous crazy history because it proves how the psichology industry is full of feminists, and in bed with it, and they hide how illogical the custody cases are being handled, and news how themselves will hide or omit details to help feminism.
    All that web of lies is part of this story and many more.

  7. I fully agree about the mental illness issue with women, this very mentally ill woman who lives across the hall from me has given a series of harassments and
    kisses the fat ass of our female super, another man hater. They did me a favor though and pushed me ahead on the waiting list for a studio apt. 2 floors up, so I will be away from this creature, at least. Been married twice to women who turned out to be scum, the last one a sociopath and murderer. Only found out after she died of cancer. I’m in the dough now and seriousely thinking of moving to Bulgaria or Poland, somewhere where the stench of feminism is not being accepted. Kudos to the MRA and noble men creating the MGTOW movement.
    Women here are just good for the garbage can.

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