Oct 172013

It looks like the the segment that 20/20 did where they interviewed Paul Elam will be shown tomorrow night.  I will be DVRing it, but it looks like it will be a hatchet job if the first story about this on ABC News’s website is any indication.  There’s a portion of Paul Elam’s interview with Elizabeth Vargas already online, and it’s obvious that Vargas is trying to catch Paul Elam saying something like “death to women everywhere”.  Paul Elam doesn’t believe that so Vargas gets nowhere.

I also expect that 20/20 will be pulling out all the stops when it comes to demonizing Paul Elam.  I wouldn’t be surprised if sinister music is played in the background at some point during the interview with him.

  2 Responses to “Paul Elam Will Be On 20/20 Tomorrow Night”

  1. I waited and waited and the piece never came.

    That was two months ago.

    Now they’re finally doing it.

    I thought the reason for the delay was because some higher up stopped them at the last minute realizing that no matter how they spun it, it would put AVFM (and by extension the entire manosphere) on the map.

    I guess I gave the left credit for more brains than they actually have.

    Because now they really ARE going to put the manosphere on the map!

    There’s no such thing as bad press.

    Hell, ‘bad press’ was how I was first introduced.

    Back in 2010, I was blogging about something unrelated and stumbled upon Lady Rain’s site.

    She was ranting and raving about these PUA guys and about how they were cheating women out of their God given right to a man’s love, money, and attention blah blah blah oh, the humanity!

    And I thought hmmmmm, sounds interesting!

    And from there the Pandora’s Box was opened.

  2. For a movement that’s still growing, largely ignored by the media and with a lot of big important things to say more publicity can be really good. Even if the publicity is bad, as people google about it they will see the truth.
    Right now many of the issues discussed by it are kept out of the radar.
    And a lot of the people that could need the movement the most don’t really know about it.
    Of course the mainstream media that’s packed of feminists and always works within their guidelines will publish shameless dumb propaganda.But as long as the lies can be met with truth people will be more aware of all the important things the movement has to say.
    Feminists enjoy being able to tell the whole story, they get to present everything, define themselves and everyone else on their terms and that happens in great part because any non feminist voice is ignored and unheard.
    So changing that can be a good thing.

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