Sep 262013

EvilWhiteMaleEmpire created this cartoon about the European Union’s latest attempt to ban anti-feminist speech:

_when they see that they're losing

This is a very apt depiction of what is going on in the EU.  Back when I was in school (and I’m sure this is true for everyone reading this) there were always girls complaining something was “unfair” anytime they lost at a game, got a bad grade, etc.  Often, teachers would give in to girls crying “unfair” and would change the rules for them.  What happens when girls who cried “unfair” all the time grow up?  They don’t mature.  Since they don’t have a teacher to whine to, they whine to the EU.  Just like how teachers in school would give into to girls who whined that everything was “unfair” to them, the EU does the same thing.

  5 Responses to “When Girls Who Always Cried “That’s Unfair” Grow Up They Make Policy For The EU”

  1. Good cartoon, it should be “speech” though.

  2. […] of July, Rob Fedders did the same declaration of “leaving the manosphere forever”.  Rob Fedders didn’t leave the manosphere.  He did a Fornedarmu name change.  Rob Fedders is n…  (Ironically, this was uncovered by Fifth Donkey who occasionally engages in sockpuppetry […]

  3. I read Jeb’s/Rob’s comment and part of his blog. His first entry on his new blog says it all. He’s against the M(H)RM, MGTOW, and everything related to anti-feminism. Rob used to think that he could use MGTOW to obstruct the M(H)RM. When he realized that wasn’t working, he changed his name to Jeb and became a total obstructionist.

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