Sep 132013

I decided that I hadn’t experienced enough stupidity this week so I went to check out what the Good Men Mangina Project was up to.  I found a post about why your man won’t commit.  It’s nothing special in terms of its content because it’s something you would see in a women’s magazine or any form of women’s media.  What makes it interesting is that it appeared in the Good Mangina Project.

The group running the Good Mangina Project likes to tell us that it’s about men and that men are a part of its conversation.  We already know this isn’t the case.  A Voice For Men has pointed out that the Good Mangina Project readership is mostly female.  It’s mainly written by women and completely for women.  However, the Good Mangina Project still tries to maintain the pretense that it’s about men and relevant to men.  The post about why men won’t commit completely drops that pretense.  Just take a look at the title, “Is Your Man Afraid of Commitment? Here Are 7 Reasons Why”.  The title isn’t, “why are you afraid of commitment?” (which would be anti-male enough) or anything else that would engage men.  The title and the rest of the post is written makes it clear that the post is for women to read.  Men have no part it in except as something for women to complain about.

This post proves what A Voice For Men has been saying about the Good Mangina Project.  The authors there aren’t even trying to pretend that their posts are meant for men anymore.  The Good Mangina Project is by women and for women.  It has no relevance to the lives of men, and now it’s explicitly clear.

  5 Responses to “The Good Mangina Project Drops The Pretense That It’s About Men”

  1. Women, and men who want to be unsuccessful with women + hate themselves.

    • It was such a weird site. For a while they even had a roissyite white (knight) nationalist on staff, Chuck Ross from Gucci Little Piggy. As you know, white (knight) nationalist, including the HBD variety, are alt-right manginas and pedestalizers of the worst degree.

  2. someone should make a blog called “the good woman project” that just constantly shit talks women and posts about how women are horrible bad people.

    • I deleted your duplicates.

      I would love to see a parody of the Good Mangina Project called the Good Women Project. I hope someone at A Voice For Men is reading this because this would be a perfect project for them.

  3. Where has this site been? So glad I found it. …… GMP, a conversation no one else is having? Maybe that was its original intent but from what I’ve read, it actually a conversation most feminist sites are having. In the years past, I found little to nothing that set them apart. In fact many of their articles these days are not written for GMP but are articles they extract from other places which are for the most part feminist sites.

    At GMP, my writing the word “feminist” automatically warrants “moderation.”

    I’d like to say that the site has really gone down hill but it had to been up hill in the first place.

    I still read their articles and respond to many, there are a few of us who do. Someone has to counter their nonsense and call them out on their poop, even if many responses are removed, a few still get though.

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