Sep 112013

I found some woman talking about this blog:


I love how these fuckheads lack the courage of their conviction. “Feminists” definitely translates to ‘women’.

Does feminist mean women?  I don’t know.  The reason why is feminists go back an forth on whether feminism is synonymous with women whenever it’s convenient for them to do so.  It just like how feminists will say, “feminism isn’t a monolith” until they want feminism to be a monolith.

Whether feminism is synonymous with women is a moving target.  That means I can’t be accused of using feminists to mean women until feminists decide to use a fixed definition of what a feminist is.

  4 Responses to “Feminism Isn’t Synonymous With Women Except When They Want It To Be”

  1. pretty typical female behavior. their real issue seems to be that they don’t want to get called out on their bullshit and misbehavior.

    when feminists openly advocate for unprovoked violence against men, suddenly “not all feminists are like that.” when it comes to divorce court, it’s the complete and total opposite, all women are like that and they won’t even bother coming up with an excuse.

    you can find the feminist’s goalposts somewhere around the baseball diamond, by this point.

  2. I’ve long since learned to stopped thinking in terms of feminists and non-feminist.

    The term is useful only when discussing with other like minded people.

    But for everyone else the word is really a two way shield for women to hide behind.

    If the present company consensus is that feminism is good then all the women are on the grrrl power bandwagon.

    If the present company consensus is that fem is bad then, suddenly, there’s not a single feminist woman to be found.

    • that is the way I feel about so called “egalitarians” now as well. they talk a good game about being “anti-feminist” and then proclaim shit like “there are some bad MRAs just like there are some bad feminists” or otherwise constantly shit talk male gender roles and masculinity in general.

  3. ALL women are Feminists, until they show otherwise. Then they are potential Feminists.

    Feminists make false accusations. Feminists kill their own children as often as they bear them. Feminists are the only parent that their children needs or will be allowed. Women need men like sharks need chum, and they treat them the same too. Feminists lie. Feminists cheat. The only reason Feminists don’t steal is because they’ve made it legal to take what they want.

    If all women are called Feminists, eventually they will eliminate Feminism for us. It’s the only hope we have.

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