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Do you think you’re safe from the false abuse industry because your wife/girlfriend would never make a false accusation against you?  For the sake of argument, let’s assume that’s the case.  Better yet, let’s assume that your wife/girlfriend is a committed to M(H)RM ideas like Dr. Helen Smith, GirlWritesWhat, TyphonBlue, or Laura Grace Robbins.  Are you safe now?  The answer is no because even if your wife/girlfriend has no intention of making a false accusation of abuse against you, a third party can.  As Novaseeker explains, a third party making a false accusation of abuse against you can even override your girlfriend/wife who disagrees:

State and local practice can and does differ on these points in the details, but in broad brush a court can and often will issue a temporary protective order on the basis of the testimony of the cops, whether the wife corroborates or not (out of concern that she may have “battered wife syndrome”, so that she may be feeling like she wants to de-escalate regardless of what happened – so her testimony isn’t really dispositive if she decides to back off – it’s discounted, in many cases, if she decides to do that).

As to the “triggers”, again it varies by state/local, but what constitutes “abuse” is often determined by reference to the Duluth-type standards, which include some very interesting things, many of which are common in the context of marital arguments:

Example, Link: Rutgers University Domestic Violence Project:

The idea behind these laws is to be “prophylactic” – that is, to err on the side of protecting women, even if it overdoes it by impacting situations where there was no physical violence. This is done by describing mundane spousal arguments as abuse – which essentially renders virtually every marriage as one which contains domestic violence. This can also be reported by people other than the wife – the law doesn’t require the wife to be the complainer, or the person who brings the “violence” to the attention of the cops. Anyone can, as with respect to any other crime. And the definition of “abuse” is wide enough in at least some states to cover most of the Duluth-type stuff that Scott is talking about. So, yes, someone is at your dinner party who is a feminist, doesn’t like the dynamic between you and your wife and sees it as Duluth abuse, can have you arrested for domestic violence even over your wife’s objections, and once that happens it’s likely that you will be sucked into the entire DV legal system as he outlines (and as Baskerville does in his book as well).

Yes, the police or even just a random passerby can successfully make a false accusation of abuse against you even if your wife/girlfriend disagrees with the accusation.  They will just assume that she is afraid to speak up because you’re abusing her.

Too much time in this part of the internet is spent talking about trying to find the “right woman”.  Even if you manage to do that (and there is a good chance you won’t), a third party can still come along and make a false accusation against you making all of your work in finding the “right woman” for naught.  You can’t avoid the false abuse industry by picking the “right woman”.  The only way to solve this problem is to eliminate the false abuse industry.

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  1. trusting any hole will always be a mistake.

  2. While I agree that the false abuse industry needs to be eliminated, that’s a political solution and I honestly don’t see it happening. In the meanwhile, men would be wise to use the available tools. Anything, and I literally mean *anything* short of life-threatening injury that would otherwise be considered domestic violence is NOT A CRIME if it’s done for her sexual gratification. This is especially appalling to Christians, but that’s the way it is. The quote by Novaseeker you’ve cited above is in response to me, and for the most part he’s correct. However, what most Christians don’t understand is that kink is the get-out-of-jail card when it comes to DV charges. One of these days I’m going to make a public service advertisement using this script, which I wrote to illustrate how it will shut down a prosecution:

  3. So when are Paul Elam & his crew going to legally fight this shit in the courts, like the REAL MRA’s do in India?

    These are human civil rights violations, committed for decades now

    What’s AVFM going to do, send all falsely accused men to mens shelters … ?

    When are they actually going to live up to that H they falsely put in the MRA & start doing something about the decades of human civil rights violations against men

    & something as in REAL activism, REAL legal action in the courts

    How about that for starters?

    FTSU, how about kick AVFM’s ass & actually behave like a real activist group

    • The reality is that the DV laws would be extremely difficult to overturn judicially. It would require a couple who are committed to the cause to allow themselves to be abused by the system and there are no guarantees that it would work. Think Rosa Parks. Winning at the trial court level would actually be losing because in order to win, it would have to be a win at the appellate level. If you want to be the guinea pig, find a kinky dedicated red-pill woman and volunteer. You’d also need a seriously dedicated legal team that had their act together and you’d need funding and the support of expert witnesses. Your job (both of you) would be to present the right situation and set of facts specifically designed by the legal team to support a win. That includes the relationship context and all of the issues that would lead up to the 911 call that set the game in motion.

    • Dont be a fucking asshole. Are you contributing any money during the AVFM fundraisers?

      Also, do you think Indian MRAs taking out marches on the roads and knocking the doors of MPs is going to fix any laws? Then you are mistaken.. just as Indian MRAs largely are (I suspect they know it & are still doing it coz they have no other ideas). Every few years, India is passing a brand new pro-Wimminz law.

      I am an Indian and I live in the US now. I know how the State institutions and the law works in India. Those dudes have no chance with all their lobbying, just as MRAs here in the US have no chance.
      In India, unlike the US.. corruption happens out in the open.. And nobody can do shit about it. Indian MRAs get a chance to be on TV because India doesnt have a sophisticated propaganda model (Ref: Noam Chomsky). In the end, it all amounts to zilch.
      Its a numbers game.. the number of White Knights is infinetely larger than the number of people advocating for men. Almost every father in India is a fucking White Knight who will not let ANYTHING happen to his daughter.

      The battle has to be fought in the Culture, and then spreading to academia. And thats what AVFM is doing largely.. and even Roosh & co at returnofkings seem to be doing a good job at fighting it in culture.

  4. The Duluth model is that your very existance is proof that you’re abusive, while the smoking gun in her hand, (or bloody knife, or phone calls to a hit man), is proof you’re abusive.

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