Aug 242013

Manboobz has decided to compare male geeks to the KKK:

Indeed, many of them — as tech dudes in a male-dominated tech world — are in fact in fairly privileged positions. For them to claim they need a “safe space” to protect themselves from the evils of “fake gamer girls” is a bit like Klan members claiming they need a “safe space” to protect themselves from blacks, Jews and Catholics. (Which is more or less what Klan members have argued over the years, albeit in less PC language.)

Manboobz seems to think that a group of dudes who want to engage in geeky activities without interference from feminists is equivalent to a group that lynched massive numbers of black men and engaged in terrorism.  Just as that comparison makes no sense, it makes no sense to call male geeks, “privileged”.  These are men who are at the bottom of the social hierarchy.  It’s a guarantee that almost any woman is higher on the social hierarchy than they are.  Feminists believe that homeless men are more privileged than women too so I’m not surprised they believe the same thing about male geeks.

Unlike the KKK, male geeks do need a safe space from women.  The feminist assault on the male geek subculture proves that.  Take Anita Sarkeesian.  She thinks it’s perfect all right to declare fatwas on male video game designers like how she endorses the murder of Randy Pitchford for reviving a video game series she doesn’t like:

Male geeks have nothing in common with the KKK, but their enemies do.

  4 Responses to “Manboobz: Male Geeks Are Just Like the KKK”

  1. the true ugliness of feminism goes beyond skin deep.

  2. Isn’t Futrelle himself a male geek? As in, he used to write tech articles for CNN, back when he used to have a legit job?

    • I don’t know if Futrelle is a geek or not. It’s possible as there are self hating geeks just as there are self hating Jews. Also, there are geeks who think (incorrectly) that supporting feminism will get them laid.

      • Remember that the Southern Poverty Law Center made a name for itself by fighting the KKK. Hence, to stay relevant, they have to invent new KKKs. They already listed the manosphere as a ‘hate group’ and Futrelle is diligently trying to out the real identities of manosphere bloggers (including you, PMAFT), so as to cause them personal harm.

        Futrelle is probably on the SPLC payroll. He did work with them to provide the prior list to the SPLC.

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