Aug 112013

I found that arch-mangina Jesse Powell has a blog where he goes by the name “Jesse Powell TWRA” despite being rejected by the TWRAs (traditional women’s rights activists).  As the TWRAs are nazbol misandrists, Jesse Powell as a nazbol mangina gives plenty of examples of how nazbol misandry naked female self interest without the desire to disguise itself.

Here he says that men must reassert authority but only to serve women’s interests:

I to place an emphasis on the need for men to assert authority and to claim their “rightful role in society” but I always make sure to place men’s assertion of authority in its rightful context; that male authority is only legitimate for the purpose of serving women’s interests.

Elsewhere he says that ultimate male purpose is serve women:

The rightful role of men is both leader and authority figure as well as provider and protector. Men asserting their rightful role in society has to include both assertion of authority and acceptance of responsibility and burden; indeed the assertion of authority is explicitly for the purpose of allowing men to provide for and protect women. The ultimate male purpose is to provide for and protect women; the means to achieve this end is male authority.

If you think that’s bad, it gets worse:

Men were created to serve women to enable women to serve children.

The difference between Jesse Powell and the feminist manginas and the tradcon white knights is that feminists and tradcons are much smarter about hiding their motives.  Feminists will at least play a bit of lip service to male problems with “patriarchy hurts men too”.  Tradcons will pretend that the believe in real male authority when they talk about male leadership.  In both cases, they’re lying but at least they’re making a minimal attempt to make their respective ideologies appealing to men and attempting to have some sort of internal consistency.  Feminists and tradcons are smart enough to know that they can’t openly talk about de facto male slavery for the benefit of women and expect to have more than a small handful of male supporters.  Can nazbol misandrists really be this stupid?  Clearly, the answer is yes.

  28 Responses to “Can Nazbol Misandrists Really Be This Stupid?”

  1. Jesse Powell is not a mangina or a misandrists. How rude?? Can’t you just attack his argument. He is saying that the purpose of men is to help women or enable women to fulfill their biological role, just as the purpose of women is to fulfill their biological role and have/care for children. The male purpose from a biological perspective is not just to give sperm but also to aid women in caring for children. Depending on the environment and condition this can and does result in male leadership. The harder the conditions the more effort it takes from women to fulfill their biological role and the more men must aid her and that includes leadership, protection and providing resources. READ Jesse’s blog and stop throwing out insults without properly attacking content.

    • You want us to attack his arguments? Fine.

      The purpose of men is not to serve women. There is no authority on Earth that can bind a man to do so. The idea is as stupid as the idea that the purpose of a lion is to serve a lamb. It’s an inversion of the truth,obviously. If you argue otherwise, explain how it is possible for a being of lesser strength to make a being of superior strength serve it,other than through parasitism-a ghastly and detestable manner of living undertaken by the lowest forms of life;mold,fleas,fungi,intestinal worms and blood parasites?

      If there’s no Earthly way to cause your desired scenario to exist,isn’t it a pretty stupid idea? Like wanting to build a house out of ice cream and live in it year round on the beach in Guatemala?

      The purpose of a woman,therefore, a generally weaker, less imaginative, less intelligent creature is to serve the interests of men as symbiotically as possible, which have far greater impact and scope than the interests of a woman, which are,as far as I can tell after 100 years of her “advancement” at liberty, to satiate her own ego with artificial power and to hedonically consume in a never-ending quest to find the end of a rainbow, i.e. “fulfillment”.

      The purpose of a man, on the other hand, is to use his god-given talents in a moral way to bring light,truth,reason, beauty, and plenty into the world. A woman is only an extraneous fixture that allows that process to endure over time. Notice I don’t say harmony or peace, which are as fanciful and ever out of reach as “fulfillment”. As human beings we are able to imagine things which do not exist, this does not mean we should do anything about them. We are also able to see things which do not exist in reality, but if you go chasing after them-mirages or will o’ the wisps- you will wind up dead and your journey will have been for nothing.

      • well I can agree that the purpose of women is also to serve men!

        • What do you mean “also”? Is there anything else that most women are capable of doing that’s productive?

          Believe me, this isn’t some self-serving agenda of mine. In fact, it’s a pretty good indictment of Judaism as well as Christianity that this is the best God could do for a “helpmeet”,a creature not even capable of fetching tools or running instructions down the work line without fucking something up or constantly complaining.

          If it could be any other way, I’d be all for it, but just as a rabbit cannot run with a wolf pack,let alone lead the wolf pack, so a woman has no place in either the headship OR the goals of men. A philosophy of male servitude to women is an empty and fruitless philosophy. It won’t even produce children, as women themselves would deem any man who dedicated themselves to her service unfit to pass on his genes. Moreover, the goal of women is to maximize comfort for herself,which is a zero-sum game that amounts to parasitically feeding on the wealth of others while creating none herself.

          The notion that a man’s purpose is to serve women has literally never been taken seriously by any culture on the planet because it bears no fruit. A woman is a black hole which devours all the wealth in a given environment while making annoying noises of protest about everything. What happens if you succeed in satiating a woman?

          Nothing. Nothing happens.

          What happens if you facilitate an intelligent man in his creative work? You get a Nobel Prize when he cures cancer.

          Hmmm,difficult choice there…spend the equivalent of the GDP of China and get absolutely nothing but snarky backtalk or spend a smaller,more definite sum, and get the cure for cancer and a fucking Nobel Prize?

          I guess I just don’t understand what went wrong in the head of a hypothetical male TWRA who goes, “You know what, fuck all that Nobel Prize and international grant shit, my money’s on that pissy annoying backbiting hate screed against all MANkind because enough just isn’t enough for Princess.

        • I cannot really speak for Jesse, but from what I read in his writing he is not saying that men should serve women in the sense that they do everything or anything the woman wants. He is saying men should lead women, and women should submit and follow men. With leadership comes responsibility and so Jesse sees chivalry as as the male responsibility. It is how the male expresses control and reasoning over his leadership position. So men do not serve women in the sense of following their lead. The serve women by leading them and doing so with a just and chivalrous mind.

          When I say women also serve men, I mean also in addition to our service to society and children.

    • Can’t you just attack his argument.

      I have in the past and in this blog entry, but to make it simpler for you.

      Jesse Powell believes that men should be serfs to women, basically just a couple of steps away from being slaves to women. Any man who values his freedom (IOW most men) will object to this. This is why feminists and tradcons who believe in something similar will at least pretend that their ideologies help men. He stupidly (for him) reveals his anti-male agenda which is something even the feminists and tradcons are smart enough not to do.

      Jesse Powell isn’t really an atheist either. His “superior power” is not biology like he says. It’s the vagina. That makes him a mangina by definition.

      • It may not help men directly but it helps society and even men what to live in a successful society.

        • Okay you do not agree with him, and I also do not agree with sending anyone to jail who has not been found guilty of a crime.

          But like I said a lot of what is on his website talks about how the male female relationship is an important foundation for successful societies and that societies with healthy male female relationships: patriarchal societies are stronger than other societies.

          His blog is called secularpatriarchy and patriarchy means male leadership, so he wants men to lead. Also TWRA want men to lead that is why he is a TWRA. I think his stance is less about harming men or women and more about creating or maintaining a healthy competitive society.

        • You’re not going to get “healthy male/female relationships” by jailing men due to false rape accusations. Did you actually read what Jesse Powell said? His idea of male leadership is like saying that chauffeurs “lead” because they are in the front of the car. That’s not real leadership.

        • Yes Dalrock’s blog is pretty good. I’ve only first seen it today.. but so far pretty good!

      • I have never seen that quote from Jesse about jailing men or chauffeurs. But I agree where innocent men can be jailed on the whim of women you will not have healthy male/female relationships. There is quite a lot in society preventing healthy male/female relationships and MRAs are doing a good job of speaking about some of the problems that are present in a legal sense. But in a cultural sense there must be room for people like Jesse Powell, for traditionalists who want to focus on family. MRAs are doing a good job of pointing out the injustices that society has towards men, but just like feminism they run the risk of ignoring the harm that is done to the male/female relationship, and family and therefore society in the process of fighting. MRA need to make sure to keep a balance, fight for male right’s but do not bash traditionalism and bring down the family unit in the process.

        • I know Jesse Powell and I know him to be someone who is passionate about the family unit and society on a whole. He is not a monster and he does have the best interest of both men and women at heart. And yes Dalrock’s blog is quite good.

  2. First off I am a TWRA or Traditional Women’s Rights Activist in good standing. I was kicked out of the TWRAs temporarily. I joined the TWRAs on January 27, 2013. I got kicked out officially on April 20, 2013 by Edita TWRA who at that time was the leader of the TWRA group. The definition of TWRA as stated by Edita excluded me. I supported Traditional Women’s Rights on the basis of the will of the Superior Power. Edita said that support for Traditional Women’s Rights on the basis of obedience to the Superior Power was unacceptable and contrary to the secular principles of the TWRAs. I was officially reinstated as a TWRA on July 6, 2013; shortly before the launch of my new TWRA affiliated website, Secular Patriarchy.

    So, me and Edita got into a dispute. I started promoted to her the idea of a Superior Power to be obeyed as part of the overall TWRA philosophy. Edita didn’t like that; she didn’t like that one bit. I was hoping an accommodation could be reached based on me continuing to promote the obedience to a Superior Power idea where I was only speaking on behalf of myself and not on behalf of TWRAs as a whole. Edita however wanted me to shut up about the Superior Power idea completely; something I was not willing to do.

    Edita responded by kicking me off of her website, Feminine Mystique. Feminine Mystique has since been deleted as a website. I responded by moving my writing to another TWRA website that was friendly to me and my position. Edita then responded by formally declaring me to no longer be a TWRA based on my open support for obedience to the Superior Power. Since I saw Edita as being the leader of the TWRAs I accepted her expulsion of me from the TWRA group. I accepted Edita’s expulsion of me from the TWRAs on April 20, 2013.

    So I was at the website friendly to me, no longer a TWRA, and I continued to write new articles. Edita however didn’t want any of the other TWRAs “taking my side” or showing support for me at my new location. Contrary to Edita’s wishes I maintained support from others affiliated with the TWRAs. Edita responded by publicly declaring that she herself was no longer a TWRA.

    So Edita quitting the TWRAs led to some confusion about what would become of the TWRA brand. With Edita gone leadership of the TWRAs went to The Radical One; the other co-founder of the TWRA group. When it became time to start my own website I discussed with The Radical One what exactly the definition of a TWRA was and the definition of TWRA The Radical One promoted included me. Basically any supporter of Traditional Women’s Rights could identify themselves as a TWRA. I definitely supported Traditional Women’s Right so that made me a TWRA officially again!

    Traditional Women’s Rights are the rights and privileges women had before feminism.

    So I now have my own website, Secular Patriarchy, and I am a TWRA. There are two other TWRAs at the moment; The Radical One and Mama Ziller. Edita has gone off to do other things and is no longer affiliated with the TWRAs.

    The TWRAs themselves got started in July 2012 so TWRA as a political identity is a little more than a year old.

    I will add, I am an atheist. When I refer to a Superior Power to be obeyed I am talking about obeying human nature that is derived from evolution but that functions in a way analogous to a Superior Power that is to be obeyed.

    • This made me so dizzy. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. How Edita can treat Jesse that way, yet he still believes man’s purpose is to serve women, women like her….is just mind blowing. She got her panties in such a wad over something so silly, that she separates herself from the very “philosophy” she started all because of a man who didn’t agree with her. Does this not say how crazy women are? Flighty, emotional, doesn’t really know what she is doing, makes it up as she goes along, has a temper tantrum and quits. But yes, I know men are suppose to serve these rational, noble, and enlightened creatures. Edita was and is the SUPERIOR POWER…that is why she got so upset. In her world and if you are to worship her as queen you don’t get to speak on your behalf…only on her half, the only part that matters. Edita doesn’t have polite “wishes”, but “demands” that must be complied with. She wanted to tow Jesse along as her puppy dog who would dutifully obey. Jesse may be the more stupid one here for continuing to insist men should serve women after this display, but Edita is the more evil one.

      • My jaw dropped when I read what Jesse Powell TWRA said. There’s no official TWRA group yet he’s acting like there is one just to put himself under the control of a woman. Most manginas aren’t this bad.

    • Instead of attaching yourself to a woman, why not try thinking for yourself?

      • Right…he can’t even call himself a TWRA by himself he has to have Edita or The Radical One bestow that identity upon him. IF there is a future dust up with The Radical One he will once again not be a TWRA, until that next woman comes along and tells him its OK to be one again.
        There are only three official TWRAs…some political identity…this whole thing is a personal philosophy (to be kind) it is hardly anything political with any sort of movement power whatsoever.

    • Jesse Powell TWRA:
      First off I am a TWRA or Traditional Women’s Rights Activist in good standing.

      According to your mind-numbing brain dump of a response, you ended up in the doghouse with your former leader, and she never welcomed you back. Now some other female has adopted you, and you’ve been promoted back to sleeping on the couch. Just remember to be a good boy and don’t pee on the carpet.

      Traditional Women’s Rights are the rights and privileges women had before feminism.

      The goal of feminism is to acquire more rights and privileges for women, not trade in ones they already had. So to them, the underrepresentation of women as top-level executives is sexism, while their underrepresentation as coal miners isn’t.

      I will add, I am an atheist. When I refer to a Superior Power to be obeyed I am talking about obeying human nature that is derived from evolution but that functions in a way analogous to a Superior Power that is to be obeyed.

      The best way to obey human nature is to not be a man who’s a woman’s lapdog. No man should use female approval as the basis of his identity.

  3. The real position is that women and children are wards and men guardians.

    The indisputable fact is that women and children consume more than they produce while men produce more than they consume.

    Until that relationship is re-established, men have no responsibility towards women.

    • Johnnycomelately wrote:
      Until that relationship is re-established, men have no responsibility towards women.

      It was never de-established in the first place; it simply acquired a level of indirection where the state serves as substitute husband.

  4. @PMAFT

    Check this out, women crying over the new doctor, for being old & white …

  5. […] written an article about me in particular and the TWRAs in general with the provocative headline “Can Nazbol Misandrists Really Be This Stupid?” ridiculing me for my blatant and open statements regarding men’s duties towards women and the […]

  6. lol, so much for equality.

    Feminism, great in theory, but when shit hits the fan, yell and gnash for male protection.

    PMAFT, this is not surprising. Feminism’s goal is to be the dominant force in a peaceful and well-off society. If things get difficult or violent, the whole movement crumbles into powder as the supporters scramble for cover.

    • We know the problem is we men as stupid knights don’t get anything for being ready to clear that. OTOH, let the leftist women decide, and US will lose it’s army over one night, coz they rather do anything else than take their of responsibilities (like happened in Sweden when men took the womens conscription to the parliament — result was to drive down the whole conscription and rely on, cough, voluntary enlisting. Failure, you guessed right.)

  7. just the natural end result of feminism, really.

  8. Remember it’s a shit test, effectively. Whatever these women throw at you can’t harm you. It’s just shit you can wipe away from your chest. Emotional arrows (they are women, remember?). Concentrate in defending the legal justice! And for that purpose feel free to do or write anything.

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  10. This is quadrupling down on their misandry, but you are correct. Before misandrists made attempts to hide their misandry or at least the worse aspects of their misandry. Nazbol misandrists are misandrist that they don’t even bother. That’s new.

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