Aug 272013

Carlos Danger, a.k.a. Anthony Weiner, has a message for women’s equality day.  The specifics of the message don’t matter.  It was the usual boilerplate expected from a mangina along with a plea to donate to his campaign, but Weiner managed to avoid any sexting with it.

Weiner has fallen the fourth place in the New York City mayoral race.  He plays the only option he has left which is a last ditch effort where he invokes feminism and makes an appeal to women.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  It’s a common tactic in politics when a politician is desperate.  In Weiner’s case (as in many other politicians), it means his campaign is on the verge of crashing and burning.  I expect that he will drop out of the mayoral race soon.

  3 Responses to “All Last Ditch Political Efforts Invoke Feminism”

  1. Still waiting for AVFM & Paul Elam to run some campaigns & real legal activism …

    *crickets* …

    India a third world country, manages to drum up thousands of MRA groups in under a year …

    AVFM spends years putting up posters & its version of activism, dividing the manosphere, alienating gamers, traditionalists etc … & attention whoring on youtube & facebook …

    AVFM literally does exactly the opposite of a real activist group …

  2. This was interesting:

    Terry McAuliffe considers father’s rights groups to be extremists. Look for more of this talk as the feminist machine gets going for Hillary.

    • I live in Virginia, and I can tell you that McAuliffe has been hitting hard on women’s issues nonsense. He’s got nothing else, if you don’t count the federal investigation hanging over his head.

      Needless to say I will be talking more about this.

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