Jul 202013

First Men’s Rights Edmonton made national (Canadian) news with their poster campaign striking an important blow for men’s (human) rights.  It turns our that Western Canada is becoming a hotbed of M(H)RM activity.  Now, similar posters are appearing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  It’s getting a lot of press like with the Edmonton posters to the point where The Globe And Mail is asking why are men’s (human) rights posters going up in Western Canada.

As you might expect, feminists and manginas are tearing down the posters, but they can (and will) be put back up.  The Saskatoon posters aren’t part of the “Don’t Be That Girl” set of posters.  Instead they bring up more general men’s (human) rights topics.  Here are the Saskatoon posters:

a voice for men- bl- downtown saskatoon- july 18, 2013 a voice for men- ky- 20th street poster- july 11, 2013-1_0 a voice for men- ky- 20th street poster- july 11, 2013-3

  6 Responses to “First Edmonton, Now Saskatoon”

  1. how long would anyone be able to get away with tearing down posters about battered women or women’s shelters before the police got involved, or feminists started surveilling their posters 24 hours a day?

  2. That last poster is bullshit. “Feminism & Patriarchy, two sides of the same coin”? Nonsense. Feminism is just another aspect of radical Matriarchal egalitarianism. What we need is a reversion to Patriarchy.

    Chimpanzee, not Bonobo. Patriarchy or Matriarchy – you’re going to have one or the other.

    • Patriarchy, as it gets interpreted nowadays, is feminist. It’s like how male leadership now means being a chauffeur.

      • Think about how the Patriarchy works in a tribe of primates. The bull ape crushes all the other males, and the bull’s females do the same, it’s hypergamy defined. We need a brotherhood, not a patriarchy.

  3. I’ve often wondered if it might be worthwhile for those putting up posters to carry a small step ladder or stool with them so that the posters can be put up high enough to make it harder (especially for women) to tear down

    this way it takes as much work for them to tear down as it does to put up and so each poster stays up longer

    it would also send a very clear signal “the message will get out no matter what”

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