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Men’s Rights Edmonton in Canada has done some great work for mens (human) rights recently.  The Vancouver Police Department came up with these anti-male posters that accuse all men of wanting to sexually assault women with the tag line, “Don’t Be That Guy”.  MR-E turned the tables on them with a series of posters called, “Don’t Be That Girl” which were posted all over Edmonton, Canada.  Here’s an example:



Needless to say, MR-E’s campaign has generated some reactions such as this woman who wants you report the posters to the government:

Then there’s this mangina who thinks that pointing out the reality of the false rape industry is “rape culture”:

The “Don’t be that girl” campaign is certainly having an effect beyond individuals.  The Vancouver Police Department, who originally created the “don’t be that guy” campaign, is “disturbed” by these posters.  So is the Huffington Post, the Edmonton Journal, and the Ottawa Citizen.  A local TV station in Edmonton talked to a feminist that said women “just don’t like about that [rape and sexual assualt] even though the reality is that the false rape industry is real.  MR-E is having quite an effect with just a little work.  This is the type of thing that can be used to positively promote men’s (human) rights, and it’s an example for all of us to follow.

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  1. the idea that a woman’s sexuality is so valuable that ‘stealing’ it is a crime comparable to murder is the ultimate in presumptuousness and conceit in the extreme

    and the plans they’ve been drawing up for retroactive withdrawal of consent (i.e. yes means yes) with the obvious intent of being able to blackmail men into conformance with their wishes, as plain as the nose on your face, proves that their arrogance knows no bounds

  2. PMAFT wrote:
    > MR-E is having quite an effect with just a little work.

    There’s a special pleasure associated with hoisting feminists by their own petard.

    evilwhitemaleempire wrote:
    > the plans they’ve been drawing up for retroactive withdrawal of consent

    Hey, if Desiree Washington got away with it with Mike Tyson, they think they should be able to enshrine it as law.

  3. women and liberals have a surprisingly strong desire to defend a woman’s ability to lie about a major crime in this manner. why are we the only people who find that to be very suspicious activity?

  4. they’ve certainly opened the right can of worms

    false rape accusations consume police time and resources and make them feel like horses asses

    so attacking this problem is good way for the mrm to get in good books with police (I don’t care what that cop said on the news. he knows darn well what a problem fras are even if he’s, quite understandably, too scared to admit it publicly)

    and I have a strong suspicion that men’s rights Edmonton is going to need the police on their side before this is over

  5. Is there a download for these posters?
    Since no locality is specified, it would work for any country where English is spoken and understood.
    I would like to download that poster.

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