Jun 182013

Over the years I have been talking about technologies like artificial wombs, I get people saying that artificial wombs and related technologies are bad because the two parent families are superior for raising children.  While what they’re saying is technically true, it ignores several problems.

The worst possible situation to raise children is a single mother family by far.  If we were just comparing single mother families to single father families, the single father families would be significantly better for raising children.  The damage to society done by single mother headed families has been extensive and documented for decades so we know this to be true.  My critics often would agree with this but point out that the 2 parent family is better than both single mother and single father families.

The problem with this is that for a 2 parent family to be better than a single father family, it must stay a 2 parent family.  As we know divorce is rampant so at least half of 2 parent families will not stay 2 parent families.  What happens during a divorce?  A 2 parent family becomes either a single father family or a single mother family.  As we all know, in almost all cases it’s a single mother family.  This negates any benefit of a 2 parent family.

This is why we need to support single father families and ways of creating them such as artificial wombs in the future or international surrogacy now.  A 2 parent family is no good if it just ends up as a single mother family, and that happens at least 50% of the time.  A single father family isn’t going to become a single mother family except in some rare cases.  Single father families may not be optimal, but given the current realities of divorce, on balance, it’s a lot better than any of the alternatives.

  6 Responses to “Why We Should Support Single Father Families”

  1. Single father families, far safer for kids then some emotional irrational train wreck

    Women shouldn’t be allowed near kids full stop, they’re all child murdering , child aborting scum

    • the artificial uterus will be a dagger in the heart of all women. it will destroy once and for all their reproductive monopoly and men can finally be free.
      Women will fight its development…but they will not slow its arrival by even 1 day.
      technology is unstoppable…and men will own the future.

      imagine a world we no longer need a woman’s permission and sexual approval to breed, that is our right and it is coming. but oh the pain we have gone through before its arrival.

  2. Something is up here.

    How do you write an article criticizing 2-parent families for divorce…and then fail to even mention solving the problem of divorce?

    The minute prenups become the norm, divorce courts no longer favor women, and other practical solutions that aren’t far-fetched at all become regular, divorce rates should decline back to what they once were pre-60s.

    Marriage doesn’t even have to be what it traditionally was. Just any situation where children have access to two biological parents should suffice.

    The OP seems determined to simply deny children the opportunity to know their own non-male blood-kin. That’s it. They seem to be determined to not even consider the much more realistic and beneficial path of allowing children access to both parents. I cannot think of any other reason why, in an article on the topic of 2-parent families…they would skip straight over discussing any form of marriage reform and go straight to artificial reproduction. Marriage reform isn’t less doable or less beneficial (to children) than artificial reproduction is. So why skip mentioning it?

    Also, single mothers are far, far more common than single fathers. According to the U.S. census of 2010, only 15% of single parents were fathers during that year. Any conclusions about single mothers versus single fathers are inevitably going to be drawn from a much smaller pool of men, versus a larger pool of women.
    The results of fatherlessness are much more visible in society, and have been studied far more. The results of motherlessness have only really been studied in the context of controlled maternal deprivation experiments. You’re basically comparing something that has been well-studied and affects 85% of single-parent children (absent father), to something that affects only about 15% of them and hasn’t been studied at all (absent mother).

    • The minute prenups become the norm, divorce courts no longer favor women

      Divorce courts throw out prenups all the time. That isn’t going to work. Men like Glenn Sacks and Steve Baskerville have been working on this problem a long time. If solving it was that simple they would have come up with it already.

      I cannot think of any other reason why, in an article on the topic of 2-parent families…they would skip straight over discussing any form of marriage reform and go straight to artificial reproduction. Marriage reform isn’t less doable or less beneficial (to children) than artificial reproduction is.

      I have covered the subject of marriage reform plenty. I even have an entire page explaining how (anti-)family courts operate completely outside of the Constitution and higher courts have refused to hear cases pointing out the unconstitutionality of (anti-)family courts. We are now at a point where artificial reproduction is more doable than marriage reform especially since I can hire a surrogate mother and eggs at a place like the Rotunda Clinic in India for $10000 USD.

  3. It would be interesting to see how prevalent Single Father families were in history given the fact that up until recently (sans undeveloped parts of the world, etc) women more often then not died in childbirth with the Father either remarrying or raising his children by himself.

    While two-parent families are considered the ideal in theory, Single Father families are by far the next best thing when compared to Single Mother families both in terms of history as well as in today’s misandric society.

    That is not to say Single Father families does not have its downsides, particularly if for example the Single Father places women / potential stepmothers (and their own potential / fatherless children) on a higher pedestal than his own biological children.

  4. I see that you have written a lot on artificial wombs. Indeed for men to have any power or equality in the society, such a technology is a must.
    If technologies such as Kaguya mouse
    is applied legally on humans, women can literally wipe the men from the planet within a generation unless there is artificial womb.

    Artificial womb is great and all for security from extinction, but I think it will only fully satisfy non-sexual men. What is really needed is an artificial woman grown in the lab whose emotional circuits in the brain are rewired in such a manner that she reallly loves a man and not behave like a feminist. That will be true victory over feminists.

    I think you should write more about artificial women. And keeping the prediction of coming singularity in mind, how long do you think it will take before we can grow artificial women?

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