Jun 262013

The Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.  Tradcons everywhere are going into a frenzy about how this will “destroy families”.  My response to that is, “Who cares?”

While tradcons fret about “gay marriage”, heterosexual marriage is being destroyed by a group other than homosexuals.  It is being destroyed by heterosexual women.  It’s heterosexual women who are initiating nearly all divorces citing drivel like “irreconcilable differences”.  It’s heterosexual women who are using anti-family courts to force fathers out of the family and out of their children’s lives.  (And let’s not forget how blatantly unconstitutional anti-family courts are.)

Heterosexual women are the real threat to heterosexual marriage.  Any man who is part of the “marriage strike” isn’t refusing to get married because a few gays get some benefits or can get married in a few states.  It doesn’t even enter into any man’s thinking.  Men in the “marriage strike” are avoiding having their children taken away from them, paternity fraud, loss of their assets, loss of their jobs, & loss of their freedom.  This makes it clear that gays aren’t destroying marriage.  It’s heterosexual women, so when it comes to DOMA being declared unconstitutional or gay marriage in general, “who cares?”

  9 Responses to “Who Cares?”

  1. tradcons are unbelievably stupid. trampling the rights of other human beings to defend a rotted institution that is destroying society, all because they are incapable of looking at a woman and saying “you have a problem and you need to fix it.” they are the ultimate white knights. they of all people should understand the kind of evil we are dealing with, but they just refuse to accept it.

    now at least the homosexual community will get a taste of the pain the rest of us have been chewing on for the last several decades. good luck with gay marriage, you silly geese.

  2. I agree 100%.

  3. ‘Marriage’ will be all the rage in the gay community, until the time when the divorce industry is turned loose on them, as it has been on straight males for the last 40 years.
    But more straight males have observed what a one-sided risk marriage has become for them, so more and more straight men are avoiding it (as well as avoiding the toxic Modern Womyn who depend on it). Hence the ‘marriage strike’ (a more correct name would be ‘marriage avoidance’) and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).
    But the divorce industry has become used to it’s high profits and isn’t going to want it’s gravy train to end, so it always hungry for new victims.
    But straight males — their usual prey — have learned their lesson and consequently have become fewer and fewer.
    It won’t be long…

  4. What if you want kids? Unless you get married, your kids will most likely be raised by the mom and be taught to hate the dad, all while getting child support. (I know marriage is crap with the obvious risks, but is there really any other way)

  5. […] are some that see the real problem in marriage. As PMAFT points out, it’s the heterosexual women, not the homosexuals, who are causing the […]

  6. As a veteran of family court, and a single (custodial) dad, I’d have to admit that as much as I’m against redefining the term “Marriage” to include homosexuals, Feminists and the Religious Right have done more damage to families than homosexuals ever could.

    As far as I’m concerned, if homosexuals are too stupid to learn from the bad experience that men have, if they’re naive enough to thing its going to work out for them like it does for uber-victim women, they’ve got a rude (and expensive) surprise coming, then they deserve to get what they’re demanding, and get it good and hard.

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