Jun 132013

Some anonymous idiot responded to the On Sluts page with:

2. The hookup culture is mutually beneficial. Men complaining about sluts should reflect upon their own promiscuity before determining that this is wrong. If you have so many complaints about it, you may want to stop hooking up with random ‘sluts’.

The rest of anon’s response was equally moronic, but this is part I want to focus on.   The hookup culture is not mutually beneficial.  We know that because of hypergamy.  It benefits most women, but only the most alpha of men.  It’s a fundamentally unequal situation, but anon is insisting an unequal situation is equal.  When you consider the belief most people have that “women want relationships” (which is true but only with the apex of men just like with hookups until they get desperate after 28 or so), the concept being presented here (unintentionally by anon) is that this is an equal situation, but men are benefiting from it more than women.  In other words, this ended up being another case where a feminist said that equality only benefits men, which is something we have heard from feminists before.

This got me thinking about other times someone says a situation is equal between men and women when it really isn’t leading to “equality only benefits men”.  When it comes to promiscuity we know because of hypergamy for every man that engages in it, several women do.  This is because a wider cross section of women have a greater opportunity to engage in promiscuity than all but a small fraction of men.  However, like the anon above, tradcons don’t recognize this and believe that this situation is equal too.  We have all seen tradcons say that “men are just as sinful as women” even though when it comes to sexual sin, this isn’t the case.  Since tradcons believe in “male leadership”, their belief in that men and women are equally sinning sexually turns into another case where equality benefits men only.  Tradcons believes that the only reason women commit sexual sins (or any type of sins) is because a man “led” them into it.  (This adds a new dimension to tradcon opposition to “equality”.)

Here’s the pattern we are seeing here:

  1. Take a situation that is unequal where women benefit over men
  2. Say that situation in question is “equal” between men and women
  3. Attack equality (explicitly or implicitly through misdirection) so that it looks like the situation in question benefits men even though it really benefits women

This is how feminists and other misandrists make situations that benefit women look like they benefit men.

  24 Responses to “Making Situations That Benefit Women Look Like They Benefit Men”

  1. The one that comes to mind is that marriage magically makes men live longer and earn more.

    Marriage 2.0 benefits women so it must be good for men, somehow.

    • married men may exist longer, but is that really “Living”.

      Been married for 14 years and she’s my best friend.

      You really have to like the person you love to make it work.

      So if your gonna settle down,, wait till your at least 40 guys!

      And don’t just “SETTLE” “DOWN”!

  2. I’m curious: Where is your evidence for your claims here about hypergamy, particularly the claiim that promiscuity only benefits a small number of “alpha” men? Say, sociological or anthropological studies, something solid. (Citations of “game” blogs don’t count.) I ask this question in all seriousness; I often see these “truths” about hypergamy mentioned in the manosphere, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any non-anecdotal evidence to back it up.

    • Its possible to test this statistically

      Walk into a bar & try to get the phone number, from most of the women. you’ll average 5-10% of the women, IF you have skill & game this rises to around 20% to 30%

      Take a well known celebrity into a bar, & most women will flock to the celebrity to get his number

      Roissy has statistics & scientific studies on this phenomenon on his site

    • Hypergamy is nature’s way of ensuring that bottom of the barrel omega manginas like Futrelle don’t reproduce.

      If there is one thing that MRAs and women agree on, it is that manginas should not exist.

      • Assuming that you and your partner are both fertile, “reproducing” is not hard to do.

        I don’t want children, so when I have sex one of my main goals is to ensure that I can do so without accidentally “reproducing.”

        Given how many people use birth control, I’d say that’s a fairly common way of thinking,

        Indeed, it seems to me that a lot of discussion in the manosphere is devoted to this as well.

        Isn’t the whole point of this blog to boost technologies that allow men to be sexually satisfied without the possibility of reproducing?

        Insults are not evidence. Zero points for you.

    • You’re trolling for all intents and purposes so however I answer doesn’t matter. If you’re really looking for an answer, it’s because STDs are on average more prevalent in women than men.

      • That doesn’t prove anything. STDs are more prevalant in women because it’s easier for women to get them, because of, you know, vaginas:

        From the CDC:

        A woman’s anatomy can place her at a unique risk for
        STD infection, compared to a man.

        The lining of the vagina is thinner and more delicate than
        the skin on a penis, so it’s easier for bacteria and viruses
        to penetrate

        The vagina is a good environment (moist) for bacteria
        to grow


        All I’m asking for is some evidence for the various assertions in your post. You and other manosphere types make these assertions all the time. Why should it be difficult to provide evidence?

        You know, like I just did.

        • You have been given several pieces of evidence of hypergamy, but all you’re doing is putting your fingers in your ears and saying “la la la, I can’t hear you”. You’re acting like a troll.

        • I’ve been given anecdotal evidence, hypothetical evidence, and “evidence” from you that doesn’t prove what you say it proves. You can’t give me a single link to a study or article by someone outside the manosphere that backs up any of your claims in the OP?

    • Vox did a thorough online survey (with a higher n count than most ‘geniune’ surveys) and pretty much validated the 80/20 rule.

    • Where is your evidence for your claims here about hypergamy, particularly the claiim that promiscuity only benefits a small number of “alpha” men?
      Are there more male models or more female models in the world?
      Which gender makes more money selling sex? Which gender makes more money with the “promise of sex if you pander to their whims”?
      Why are there plenty of single mothers … who parent the children of a single man?
      Why do male serial killers get more admirers than female ones?
      Why are women entitled to alimony if they are equal to men?
      Why do women reject paternity testing if they value intact families?
      Why do more women than men, have STDs?
      Why do women live longer than men, but get more healthcare funding?
      Why are there so few female ditchdiggers and construction workers? If such work under the sun is bad for their skin, they can always work at night with the proper lighting.

      Please answer those questions Mr. Futrelle.
      As a seeker of truth you must be prepared to have shameful illusions shattered.

      • Are these questions supposed to be answers to my questions, or just a bunch of random MRA questions, some with questionable premises? Also, I already answered the STD one, and provided a citation even.

        I wasn’t asking PMAFT random questions here, just asking him to provide some support for the things he said in his post. If he knows these things to be true, I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for him to provide evidence that actually backs up his statements.

        No one else here has either. It’s all hypotheticals, anecdotal bullshit, studies that don’t actually prove what they’re supposed to prove, and now your questions.

        It’s almost as if … PMAFT was spouting bullshit that you guys are happy to accept without proof because it reinforces your prejudices.

    • yeah…

      all these articles saying womyn have sex earlier are written by misogynist’s still living in their mom’s basement:


      Hypergamy don’t real….

      pass me some donuts so I can go bash some MRA’s with some real men ™ like Matt Forney and Chuck Rudd…

  3. The only thing that bothers me about hookup culture is that females, and their male enablers, expect their choices to always come out for their personal benefit in perpetuity.


    1. If you like to hook up, more power to you, but you also have to accept that many desirable men may not perceive you as a long-term relationship prospect in the future.

    2. The way you observe a man treating other women has a 95% chance of being the way he will treat you. If you hook up with a guy who only wants to hook up, don’t get butthurt (or accuse him of something sinister) if he quickly dumps you. Go find a man who wants something more long-term, if that’s what you want. You won’t “tame him.” That is a lie foisted on you by chick flicks.

    3. If women are offering hookup culture, you can’t blame guys for taking advantage of it. Hookup culture is a nearly ideal sexual marketplace for desirable men. Serial monogamy is an ideal sexual marketplace for desirable women, and women are perfectly happy to ride it to full advantage.

  4. Great, now Futrelle’ s trolling PMAFT

    PMAFT gets the best trolls … gddmit, no idea how he does it … lol

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