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Every so often, a man in this part of the internet decides to give up on the M(H)RM or MGTOW.  Usually, it’s because of a (perceived) lack of progress in rolling back feminism to the point where such men declare that rolling back feminism can never happen.  Paul Elam had a good response to such men:

And now we have started building a better option for ourselves with the MHRM and MGTOW. That is what pissed me about this. It is happening right in front of him, but not on his schedule, so he is going to whine.

This is what it’s really all about it.  It’s not happening on their schedule (or in their way) so they whine about it.  Yes, the progress being made in rolling back feminism is happening very slowly right now.  It’s understandable to be frustrated about this.  (I wish more progress was being made too.)  However, it is happening.  Once the M(H)RM, MGTOW, and/or other anti-feminist (and de-facto anti-feminist) efforts reach critical mass, then we will see feminism rolled back much faster.

One thing that’s poorly understood is why anti-feminism hasn’t reached critical mass yet.  That reason is old men.  Old men lived before feminism and even now don’t take the problem of feminism seriously.  Most old men that are against feminism even now treat it as something that is irrelevant to the daily lives of men instead of an entity that controls government policy.  Young men, on the other hand, are much more likely to realize the truth about feminism even if they haven’t fully defined the problem yet.  Young men have lived their entire lives under feminist control.  They went to feminist controlled day care, public schools, colleges (if they went to college), and workplaces.  Young men have always lived under a feminist controlled government and had to deal with feminist influenced women (and that’s includes women who don’t think they’re feminist).  They have seen their fathers, uncles, and older brothers get ass raped and lose their children in divorce court.  Every day an old man who is more likely to be feminist or who is not meaningfully opposed to feminism is replaced by a young man who has directly experienced the devastation feminism causes in his own life even if he hasn’t fully defined the problem as feminism just yet.  Anti-feminism will gain critical mass simply from old men dying and being replaced by young men even if nothing else is done.  It’s a slow process (relatively speaking), but it it happening.  Starting around 2020 or so, we will see anti-feminist progress gain speed.

Unfortunately, we have to be patient.

  16 Responses to “It’s Not Happening On Your Schedule”

  1. The roll back is also going to be exponentially quick because of women’s nature. They don’t tend to stand for many things on their own, and feminism is not one of them. Most women are only with feminism because it looks like the winning side at the moment. When enough go against feminism and our side begins to win, watch tons of women jump ship, and what’s more, act like they were never feminist in the first place.

    • When enough go against feminism and our side begins to win, watch tons of women jump ship, and what’s more, act like they were never feminist in the first place.

      We have already seen this happen on a very small scale, so you are very correct.

      • Just curious, but do you know of any examples? I’d love to read about them.

        • Someone like WoolyBumbleBee would be a good example.

        • A good example of a screeching harpy who wants the MRM to be all about women. She felt the MRM needed female zampolits to eject men with views that women don’t consider “rational”.

          Great example. No, really. Perfect example of a woman “giving up on feminism” – which is to say, continuing it under another name.

    • Heh, funny you should mention this. During WWII (in Germany), everyone in the West said that they fought on the Ostfront and the Russians encountered everyone that fought on the Westfront… what a coincidence!

  2. however slow or fast it happens, one thing is for sure: one day feminism will be gone. the alternative would be to make men act like women and make women act like men, and that cannot happen.

    what I really have to wonder tho, is: will feminism be destroyed before or after western civilization? women want to be the only ones in charge of everything, and they certainly don’t want to earn that responsibility. that is nothing but a recipe for disaster. I would certainly prefer that feminism was rolled back gently so we could be left with electricity and running water, because I like those things and I would miss them if they were taken away.

    • 1 – Where did you get your avatar from?
      2 – The speediness of rolling back feminism would be of prime importance :) . As the OP noted, around 2020 is when a number of engineers and other crucial male employment sectors will be in crisis mode simply because women don’t want to do those jobs and men have given their middle finger in the general direction of Washington DC. That’s when we’ll see real progress… and asking men to do those nice jobs that keep the lights on, the water flowing and the country running…

  3. Feminism, or something similar, will always arise where there is wealth and luxury. Females are more valuable biologically. The question is to what extent you can change that sociobiology and/or have policies designed to reduce the damage that it causes. Feminism, or that which drives it, is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact Id argue its going to be ramped up as long as there is wealth and luxury, men will take it cos thats what they do. Feminisms problem much like other ideologies like socialism is that its unsustainable. I see massive economic bubbles (student loan, pensions etc which politicans offer out like sweeties cos they get votes for it) bursting in the future with low level rioting, right up to civl war going on. The bottom line is how many people will even know the real causes, probably very few, but someone will be to blame and they will get it hard.

    If Italy goes bust whats gonna happen, people will defo kick off but against who and based on what? The “rich” probably.

    It is human nature that is the problem, Lack of impulse control and the need for the immediate fix. From fat people, to entilted princesses, to drop out men, its all about satisfying the momentary desire. Liberalist, free market economics ramps up this need by providing all these primal buzzes in abundance, politicians incentivize by setting policies that don’t hurt peoples choices. Daddy will sort it out, just fill these forms out and everything be ok.

    Addressing human nature through biology and neuroscience is the answer. Getting at human nature and human drives. Unfortunately, the likelihood is that this knowledge, as is already happening (see psychology, marketing), will be used to control people rather than free them. The question could be asked is, what kind of activism can help lead to a tolerant reasonable understanding of human nature that will seek to alleviate our eternal biological struggles. Im not holding out much hope to be honest. Dominance amongst males has been heavily rewarded in evolution, and they aint gonna stop dominating, the rewards are too high, and the risk of oneself being dominated to large. And women and the most part of men, will side with power. Witness lefty internet mobs and how they love diversity except when its someone they dislike.- and the knives come out. Politicians will play to that. We’re never far away from that barbarism.

    • Female Robots, are the solution, my good sir. Female Robots and virtual reality sex. Create those two technologies, and you will defeat feminism forever.

  4. 71 percent of young men 18 to 34 in America are not interested in marriage:


    I’d say the antifem backlash is fully under way now. And yes, once the stupid baby boomer manginas die off, feminism will die off very fast. We just have to wait for these stupid old farts to hurry up and drop dead. Until they are dead, no progress can be made.

  5. I like to believe this but as demographics and culture go in the Democratic party’s direction, feminism will get more powerful, not less.

    • It’s going to become clear to young men that the Democrat party has nothing to offer them and never will.

      • There will be less and less white young men (whites don’t have kids very much anymore) and more minority young men. For the most part, a person’s racial background is a good indicator of whether they’ll vote GOP or not. There are probably many black and hispanic men who agree with the post, but whether they’ll vote against the Democrats is very iffy. I just don’t see them voting GOP and when they vote Dem, they’re voting for feminism.

        • The Republican Party has done nothing but be cheerleaders for right wing feminism. Anti-feminism is far from synonymous with being a Republican.

        • You’re not an anti-feminist if you’re not an MRA or MGTOW

          Most people are up to their necks in feminism, they dont ever truly realise how knee deep in indoctrination & brainwashing

          You really need to immerse yourself in a real movement, to understand the fucked up undergone damage

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