May 202013

Most chicks won’t try to run a born again virgin con to entrap a man into marriage, like my ex Molly did.  It’s too much of a commitment for them, plus, they want sex too.  What I have noticed that a lot of my chicks do is play up how “conservative” they are.  This doesn’t necessarily mean political conservatism, but it can.  (You would be surprised how many chicks I have found supposedly support the Republican Party.)  When these chicks try to play up their supposed conservatism, it’s really a weaker form of the born again virgin con.  They’re trying to make it look like they’re different from those “other chicks” that are all :sluts” which is the same point of the born again virgin con.

There’s nothing conservative about these chicks.  They don’t dress conservatively.  They don’t lead conservative lifestyles, and they certainly don’t wait for sex like you would think a truly sexually conservative woman would.  Even if the ones who support the Republican Party are sincere, that has nothing to do with leading a conservative lifestyle.  A woman can easily be a slut and still be a Republican.  For that matter a woman can dress conservatively and still be a slut.  A woman can even go to church every Sunday showing off cleavage there and put out the night before.  (As you know I have met plenty of those types of chicks.)  No matter which way you look at it these chicks are in no way conservative.  Yet, these chicks think by going to church, voting for Mitt Romney (or pretending to do so), etc. makes them “conservative”.  Just because these chicks took on the outward appearance of being conservative (and they really didn’t even do that), they think that they can trick men into thinking they’re conservative.

My current girlfriend, Leila, has brought this to a new level.  She has tried to pull this “being a conservative con”, but the dimension she adds is that since her Persian ancestors were from a conservative culture she must be conservative by association.  Simply put, Leila is trying to convince me that she’s conservative because she’s “ethnic”.  Leila doesn’t dress conservatively, doesn’t lead a religious lifestyle, puts out immediately, and all around doesn’t lead a conservative lifestyle.  (I have also met her parents who aren’t conservative either.)  Yet, she expects me to believe she’s conservative only because she’s Persian.  On top of this Leila is from Los Angeles and more than anything else is a creature of L.A.

It doesn’t matter what a chick’s ethnic heritage is, where she goes Sunday morning, etc.  Chances are she is in no way conservative.

  11 Responses to “She’s Conservative Because She’s “Ethnic””

  1. Probably the “conservative” act is for women, who after getting the prerequisite dozens of dickings, suddenly realize attractive men willing to marry are looking for women who are a little more prudent.

    I think it’s great if a woman is evolving past her floozy days and is trying to live more prudently.

    However, what I object to is the women who go from floozy to serial monogamist, and portray that as if it is some kind of grand transformation that you as a “good man” should marry her for.

    Prediction: As Leftist men continue down the path of self-castration, women are going to discover a newfound appreciation for men who are more moderate or conservative. Recent polls I saw show young women want “masculine men” who fit traditional gender roles. They don’t like the Emo generation of men their mothers produced.

    Therefore, it is up to conservative and libertarian men to string along these women further and further until they hit the wall and no attractive man will ever want to marry them.

    • Of course most women want men who exhibit gynocentric masculinity (ie “manly men”). The fact is that women have generally come to realise that equality is a losing proposition for them because it means giving up gynocentrism and the perks which come with female infantalisation (notice that the gripes feminists have about work, etc tend to be more along the lines of Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory rather than demanding full adult accountability).

      Personally I hope the doubling down continues until women reach a place where they finally accept that this is not the 19th Century or early and that therefore no man is about to treat her like a pampered princess. Of course that would require the vast majority of men to recognise how they’re manipulated through their sex drives, and that realisation appears to be very slow coming.

  2. Hi,

    This is very OT. I’m posting this comment because I noticed that you’re a reader of the heartiste blog. Heartiste wrote a blog article recently that I think was dishonest or at least did not tell the full story.

    This was the blog article in question, Confident A-Hole Game:

    Many of us warned him that the images in his article were tampered with by an anonymous troll. He refused to publish many of our comments that exposed the fraud because it doesn’t sit well with his world view. In refusing to publish the original chat logs or to make any kind of retraction, he is at least as guilty as the troll who sent them.

    He likes to pretend that average looking, average income guys can get a harem of girls simply by being extremely confident.. that the only thing standing in the way of these average guys is their beta behaviour. Since most people are average, this is a very good business decision on his part.

    The truth is most guys cannot afford to behave in the way prescribed in that particular article. It is not good game advice. I beckon for you to try to repeat his success(which mind you occurred in the span of 2 hours).

    The original images tell a very different story. These chat logs were from another website who holds a very different and, in my opinion, a far more cynical world view. The conversations were between an actual male model and a girl. It is our opinion that women of this day and age are as obsessed with looks as men.

    These are some of the links that were sent to roissy. All of them are from one particular thread on one particular forum, “puahate,com”:

    • Erm you anti-gaming trolls really need to read this blog before you post your shit …

      The owner of this blog already has a harem of girls, using game etc

      Go fuck yourselves trolls …

    • If PUA worked for every man there’d be no need to keep refreshing the bootcamp syllabus.
      The fact of the matter is that women enjoy “drama at the hands of men they are attracted to”.

      Before you sympathise with her, remember there were probably guys who treated her well who didn’t make her vagina moist.
      Women also gain status from being abused by top-tier guys e.g. how many girls can claim to have been beaten by Axl Rose?
      Try to remember that women also claim abuse by men, so that they can have another guy “give her a better offer”.
      Maybe the other reason women enjoy the drama that they get, is because they’d rather be beaten by an alpha guy, than alone looking for someone else, or be with a guy they’re ashamed of showing to their friends.

  3. @PMAFT

    You might want to check this out …

    Israel women love Nazi BDSM porn ….

    “there was a sub-genre of BDSM erotic literature that revolved around Nazi officers brutalizing Jewish women. Think Fifty Shades of Grey; Israeli women ate it up and begged for more. “

  4. I just can’t imagine that any slut could say she’s a born again virgin with a straight face. I know I’d just laugh if she told that to me.

  5. To all the stupid “Persian” girls:
    You’re not “Persian”, you’re Iranian. No one’s been “Persian” for hundreds of years. The only reason you think you’re Persian is your parents had to run out of that country when the Ayatollah took it back from the Shah, who shared the weird obsession all right-wing dickfucks have with restoring a proud and ancient past. Whether or not you “see yourself” as Persian is irrelevant; you’re still Iranian.
    In related news, Irish people aren’t “Celtic”, they’re Irish.

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