Apr 182013

Slwerner has informed us that tradcon arch-mangina, Jesse Powell got rejected by the “traditional womens rights activists”:

Yesterday, our host, who many of us have long realized to be an alien lizard creature, took over the mind of Edita Munoz (aka Edita TWRA), forcing her to first tell-off whiny uber-mangina Jesse Innocent-men-should-be-imprisoned-on-the-off-chance-that-a woman-might-be-protected Powell:

” Jesse that is incorrect. Chivalry is your domain and your idea. Nowhere in the TWRA doctrine does it talk about chivalry. The topic of chivalry is an add on, like a general idea that you yourself espouse. Kind of like I espouse my stance against Communism. The TWRA core philosophy can be found here and the philosophical ideal of the TWRA life can be found here. The TWRA’s are about helping women; by promoting ideals in our doctrine, and exposing feminism. We also stress the importance of chastity and housewifery. Chivalry is an idea that you espouse, it is NOT part of the TWRA doctrine.”

Then, forcing her to give a rather reasonable appraisal of notion of Chivalry:

” I see it as a moral code for knights. Now don’t get me wrong men do take care and protect women, same as women submit and stay loyal to them: it is a reciprocal relationship, and the word chivalry is not necessary in this case. The men in the aurora shooting were heroes because they protected their own, they were not chivalrous. I agree with you men have a natural instinct to protect, whether it is their wife, daughter or mother. Men will always protect the women in their lives. Again I would not call that chivalry. I have a problem with collective chivalry, as it is only possible if women are collectively submissive. But that is impossible as each person is completely different; thus the collective duty infringes upon ones freedom to choose a particular action. It is basically forcing everyone under the same umbrella, which in our society is impossible, at the moment. Also, expecting men to die for random women is not a viable solution either; because it makes men disposable. However, will a man always do anything in his power to protect his own: wife, mother daughter? Yes, he will. Because he has a natural instinct. However. there is a huge difference when it comes to men protecting their own and expecting men to protect all women irrelevant of their behavior. If I saw a weak soldier I would protect him: as we all in society have a duty to protect the weak irrelevant of the gender. If the parents are injured, the child may protect them as well. Chivalry is just that chivalry; used by knights. To attribute knight behavior to societal duties and men’s instincts to protect their own women (not random women), does not seem like a viable solution to me.”

And, finally, forcing her to wipe out her entire site:

” femininemystiquetwra.wordpress.com is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this site.”

Damned, PMATF, or should I say Greg, I didn’t realize you alien lizards had that power of mind control. You even managed to make Edita sound far more reasonable thanAndrew Richards vis-à-vis the role of masculinity.

I am humbled.

Unfortunately, Edita TWRA didn’t pull the plug on her blog.  She moved it to “modern feminine mystique”.  That name better reflects her nazbol misandry.

  6 Responses to “Tradcon Arch-Mangina Jesse Powell Gets Rejected By The TWRAs”

  1. Wow. That place is confusing. I assumed early on that Edita supported Jesse’s views on chivalry, because Jessie’s views on chivalry were discussed in one of his first posts on why he is a TWRA (the one I disected). She let that post in without a second thought and didn’t care that his thoughts there didn’t jive with TWRA “doctrine”, so there must also be something else going on here.

    Edita seems to be on one heck of a power trip. She likes creating “doctrine” and creating new words that she hopes will hide her core female emotional, flighty state and make her look more intellectual.
    But for all the big words and fancy talk, underneath it all, you can see she is a flighty, childish woman. Kicking people out, turning on people abruptly, deleting blogs, changing names, all things seen before with certain other female bloggers. They can’t commit and stay grounded in any given mission. As their emotions go, so goes their blog. I even had a blog name change as evidence. I think of male bloggers such as you, Elusive Wapiti, Marky Mark. You have all been solid and resolute in your mission.

  2. I used to hold some hope that traditional conservatives would be able to rescue us from feminism and political correctness.

    in some ways, they are actually worse than the average feminist. at least you can judge a feminist based on their open nature, while they shriek in your face about rape and misogyny.

  3. I think that Jesse fella has some sort of female domination fetish myself.

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