Apr 222013

Western feminists and other women don’t want to deal with competition from foreign women.  That’s why we ended up with laws like IMBRA.  So far the problem with meeting women internationally has only been on this end.  That’s starting to change.  The Grand Mufti of Libya has called on the government of Libya to prevent foreign men (potentially even including foreign Muslims) from marrying Libyan women.  The Grand Mufti is the head Muslim in Libya, and he’s calling for this action because he has received “complaints” that men were coming to Libya to get Libyan women.

This sounds like it would fit in very well with feminism.  First, both the muslim hierarchy in Libya and western feminists have the same goal of preventing men from having the option of meeting women internationally.  Second, they’re acting like there’s an invading force of evil men stealing women from Libya.  Such paranoia is very feminist.

This is just another example of how Islam is not anti-feminist.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the Grand Mufti of Libya essentially calling for IMBRA in reverse.

  8 Responses to “IMBRA In Reverse In Libya”

  1. Objective synergy between Western feminists and Libyan Muslim men isn’t surprising. No men like their women taken. Shopping for brides in the Third World angers local men as well as Western feminists. So instead of worming white privilege into the MRM, it makes more sense to openly ally with Third World women, and declare a kafa’a system of your very own. It also pisses off White Nationalists like there is no tomorrow.


  2. I also read something a while back that Muslim women were getting pissed due to eligible males favoring Moroccan women for marriage.

  3. islam and feminism are both tyrannical. they both try to regulate male thought based on lies, the only difference being the exact lies they tell.

    • And you can defeat both by growing balls of steel and offer Muslim women pregnancy by non-Muslim men.
      Incidentally, this is the biggest difference between the Anti-Semitism of Adolph Hitler and “Islamophobia”. The former are unwilling to make Jewish women apostasize and to make them pregnant, while many non-Muslim men do make effort to make Muslim women apostasize and to make them pregnant. The same effect, but in the reverse, is the reason why attractive Jewish women constantly betray their people, and side with Muslims against the West. The “Nazis” might want them dead, but the Muslim men most certainly don’t. The harem vs. the gas chamber, Khaybar vs. Auschwitz.

      This seems to be obsessive about pregnancy, but this obsession is nothing compared to the obsession thirty-something women have about getting pregnant. Man up, and impregnate those sluts!!!(But on our terms…)

      Marriage laws have to be changed. If a woman isn’t a virgin at the wedding, and the groom is, she forfeits the right to alimony.

  4. This is just another example of how Islam is not anti-feminist. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the Grand Mufti of Libya essentially calling for IMBRA in reverse.
    Finally someone else sees in action, the reality that ISLAM WON’T STOP FEMINISM.

    There would be no abortions in Muslim countries, if Islam was really against Feminism.
    Neither would there be false rape accusations.

  5. I’m not so sure that this kind of thinking isn’t just conspiracy light. Societies without women have no future. We seem to forget the biological need for women to be present to continue a society. It’s not just western men, it’s men from all over the middle east too, according to some stuff that I have read. If a large enough quantity of women are taken from the area the area will not be able to repopulate in future generations. I think although their might be some frightening similarity between what the grand whatever the fuck he’s called is doing and what feminists are doing their motives are exceptionally different. Do I believe that Islam will stop feminism? No! I see it succumbing the same as catholicism but I don’t necessarily believe this is a good example.

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