Mar 282013

Dalrock said on his blog:

This means not seeing “woman” as a faceless collective, but making a serious effort to see individual women for who they are.

While I briefly commented on this there, the issue of whether women should be seen as a faceless collective or not is more complex and deserves more thought.  First of all, Dalrock is correct in principle.  That being said there is a problem with applying that straight up in the real world.  The problem can be best explained with an example.

One thing we have seen is tradcon women attack men who call out sluts.  Being a tradcon means being against what a slut does, namely her promiscuity.  Tradcon women should have no problem when a man calls out a slut yet they do acting as if a woman being called a slut is an attack on all women.  The tradcon women doing this may not be sluts themselves (although many tradcon women are “former”/”reformed” sluts).  Yet, they defend sluts for doing something they say they’re against.  Even if these tradcon women aren’t sluts themselves, what’s the difference between them and the sluts if they’re so willing to rush to the sluts’ defense?

This is the problem.  A man looking at this can’t know if the tradcon women are really any different from the sluts.  Thus women start looking like a faceless collective due to their own actions.  Women are not a faceless collective, but they will act like one when its convenient for them to do so.  Thus it’s understandable when a man decides to treat women as a faceless collective.  He got the idea from observing female behavior.

  9 Responses to “A Faceless Collective”

  1. Yep. There are plenty of breeds of dog but no one lectures you for half an hour on the difference between a Rhodesian ridgeback and a chihuahua before reluctantly agreeing that, yes, in general dogs do approve of walks.

  2. It’s easy to say you are Christian but not live it out in terms of what you accept or do. Case in point: Most all of your “tradcon women” are some degree of that if you scratch the surface on their views. Or it’s like Driscoll who won’t call out sluts because if he were to do that, he’d be calling his wife that.

  3. Dalrock should be admired for his intelligence and his empathy for women. But in my opinion the jury is still out on whether most women want to be independent adults or as part of a herd. The evidence is not in favor of independence.

    • Women in general want to be both. They want to be strong independent victims who are part of a herd.

      • I think, most especially they want to be seen as independent because they admire that trait in men, but actually being independent takes effort that women are not willing to work at.

        they want us to believe whatever they say about themselves and not be judged for what they actually do.

        • I say if it looks like a faceless collective,walks like a faceless collective, and quacks like a faceless collective, the odds are very good that it is,indeed, a faceless collective. Treating a collectivist as though they were an individual cheapens,weakens, and eventually brings down the entire system which presumes that all people are individuals and preserves and protects their freedoms and liberties at an individual level.

          It also results in entire swathes of people who are not interested in collectivism,and wouldn’t be allowed to pick and choose from both individualist and collectivist systems even if they were, namely men,receiving less rights or social privileges than those who are allowed to maintain a collectivist society within an individualist one.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman come down on the correct side of the “slut shaming” debate. tradcon women indeed oppose men who call out sluts, but their solution is to browbeat men into settling down and marrying the sluts or their own tradcon hypocrite selves.

    the “sex positive” side at least understands that sluts are not going away, but they still shame men for being with sluts, blaming men for making women want to be sluts, or whining about the supposed “double standard” of men being with a lot of women without being attacked for it (which isn’t real since a double standard needs to apply to two things with are identical first, which men and women certainly are not). sex positive feminists can’t even acknowledge that a woman who is a slut destroys her ability to pair bond and also increases the likelihood of spreading STDs across the population.

  5. […] to the Red Pill Bitterness post: Dealing with The Imperative or The Collective requires that you don’t deal with women as individuals. When the herd (i.e. Team Woman) moves […]

  6. This means not seeing “woman” as a faceless collective, but making a serious effort to see individual women for who they are.
    Doesn’t mean anything.
    If a guy the woman DOESN’T like, sees her as an individual, he’s a creep who will get charged with “harassment”.
    If a guy the woman DOES like, sees her as part of a collective, he’s “just misunderstood” and “needs a second chance”.

    Women will find any excuse to talk up the man they like.
    They will never hesitate to pull down any man they DON’T like.

    Women talk about “what they find attractive in a man” … but the sentence actually is “what they find attractive IN A MAN THEY ALREADY LIKE”.

    Never spend too much time thinking on how “you can be nicer to her” – basic civility is OK.
    If she likes you, she’ll walk across broken glass or even take the blame for you.
    If she doesn’t like you, you are responsible for everything going wrong in her life.

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