Feb 262013

It’s after Valentine’s Day so I have been on the lookout for a new woman.  (I dumped my previous girlfriends before Christmas to avoid the Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day holidays.)  I was going to head back to the Sunday Morning Nightclub, but another opportunity presented itself recently elsewhere.  Recently, I was in downtown D.C. visiting one of the Smithsonian museums, and an opportunity presented itself.  (Those of you who live in D.C. might know or have a good idea what I went to visit.  For privacy reasons, don’t mention where you think I was, or I will edit your comment.)  I managed to pick up a chick who I later found out was Persian and originally from L.A. (although she lives in the D.C. area now).  Persian chicks and chicks from L.A. are both new to me, but as I would later realize it doesn’t make a difference.  (Since she’s Persian, lets call her Leila from now on.)

As an aside, this was a good example of using what you know and already do when it comes to picking up chicks.  It’s not a cold approach like at a bar or a nightclub (neither of which work well for me for picking up chicks for various reasons).  What I did was not a “hot approach” either since we didn’t know each other before or have friends in common.  For lack of a better term, it was a “warm approach” since I was able to use something we presumably had in common.  YMMV, but “warm approaches” are better than cold approaches.

Leila and I went to have coffee afterwards.  At one point I had to go to the bathroom.  When I came back, I noticed that she had shifted what she was wearing to show more cleavage and more leg.  You might be thinking that you have heard this before.  You’re right, and this is because women really are all the same.  Despite being from the other side of the country and from a different culture, she didn’t act different than any other woman.  There’s many more examples I could give of this just from the short time I have known Leila.

This experience proves that when it comes to women, they really are all the same.

  12 Responses to “Women Really Are All The Same”

  1. “Persian” is what Iranians call themselves when they are in the west.

  2. There’s never been a need for them to differentiate, because (unless they are really ugly) that automatic behavior suffices to fulfill biological imperative. Both for mating and for survival.

    Men, on the other hand, have lots of hoops to jump through to mate with attractive females and we have to rely on ourselves for the most part for survival. Therefore we differentiate, innovate, think creatively, and take risks.

  3. Dude, she’s from L.A.???? Be careful. Southern California girls are supersluts.

  4. So … you’re dating Iranian terrorists now … since when did u start practising Sunday Morning Prayer Pickup at the local mosque … lol

    Lemme know if u find any nukes at her local jihad community service centre … watch out for the suicide bombers in her underwear … those hair-triggers are a bitch to defuse …

    • In college I had an Persian girl hit on me hard within about 45 minutes after meeting her. I didn’t go for it because I was in a committed relationship. But I think they see their college years as a liberation from their conservative upbringing at home.

      • You didnt go for it because you were in a committed relationship?

        What were you married, theres no such thing as a committed relationship

        Get your pussy whipped head out of your ass & see the bigger picture

        Women are hypergamous, men are polygamous

        When you’re spouting crap like committed relationship, your following a womans preferred version of mating

        Women Will dump you & leave a trail of hypergamy of dumped man after dumped man

        Unless you expat & settled down with a chick who KNOWS how yo drqin your balls & cook a decent freaking meal, you will NEVER be in a committed relationship

        Get your head out of your ass play the field, marriage is dead, making committed relationships DEAD

        Committed relationships are dead, sow your oats, use women as the cum buckets they are, thats all women without marriage are good for

        • I admire your panache,sir. Even if I personally hated you and found every bit of what you are saying objectionable, and it’s closer to the opposite,I would be enthralled by the manner in which you dish out cold brutal reality. No dainty surgical slices here, just unrelenting sledgehammer blows right to the heart of the matter.Well done.

      • Is that still the case when they’re in their late 20s?

        • Im not sure if I made it clear … lol

          If marriage is dead committed relationships are dead

          Play the field no point in getting oneitis for a chick whos gonna lead a string of dumped man after another

          Late 20’s even worse, as most chicks at that age are failed sluts & failed careers

          A relationship with an unmarriable woman is the ultimate pussy pass, keep them around as a harem or orbiters for sex

          All these women want is a beta retard to act as a parasite so they can pop out a kid

          That’s plan B for modern failed whores, no black thugs or alphas to impregnate them

          The culture for committed relationships is no longer possible, as all women today are basically feral whores, with hypergamic sociopathic delusions

          No patriarchy, no traditional social structure = death of relationships, use them as long as theyre good for a fuck, dump them if they demand anything more

          ie jewelry or even worse shoes …

    • Friday noontime nightclub? ROTFLMAO

      • Friday noontime nightlub …. Bring some sandals & a spare burkha, set her ass up with the NSA & homeland security … good times … lol

  5. @PMAFT

    You might wanna check out this shit storm over at AngryDad, he’s getting mobbed by LGBT’s & liberals for stating lesbians & gays only make up 1-2% of the population …


    My complaint is about the systematic devaluation of fathers in our society.

    (As)The LGBT crowd is only 1-2% of our population

    Hardly any gay men want to get a same-sex marriage and then adopt kids. Hardly any lesbians want to either.

    Cue shit storm of liberal retards …

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