Feb 122013

One of the reasons that we have an epidemic of women making false domestic violence accusations against men is because the government has created incentives for women to make false DV accusations against men.  The state of Massachusetts has decided to give women another incentive to make false DV accusations:

The scenario that single women are going to drive the rental housing market is about to get a huge monkey wrench jamming it: very soon nobody is going to want to rent to women.

Here’s why. Massachusetts just passed a law, signed by the governor, that allows a woman to break a rental lease if she is the victim of “domestic violence” (DV). Already many of us have seen evidence of an entitlement mentality among many women that results in their expecting to be able to break contracts on a whim, often by claiming “they didn’t understand what they were signing”, “the contract is unfair”, and the like. Judges routinely throw out prenups over just such grounds. Really, this mentality usually boils down to, “I changed my mind, so why should I have to comply with this now?”

Now one state has codified this entitlement with leases, as it’s only a matter of time before (1) other states adopt similar laws, and then (2) many cupcakes decide to falsely claim they are DV victims—that is, with the sole purpose of getting out of their leases. Once this happens enough times, landlords ain’t a-gonna be willin’ to lease an apartment to a woman knowing that she can break it on a whim with the DV card.

What will happen now in Massachusetts (and elsewhere if this law is copied as it probably will be)?  When a woman wants to move but is stuck in the middle of a lease, she will make a false DV accusation against her boyfriend, husband, or some random man who lives in the same building.  Landlords will want to avoid renting apartments to women not just for the money they lose from women breaking leases on a whim, but from men who want to avoid women who make false DV accusations anytime they want to move.  Of course, the government will try to force landlords to rent to women, so landlords may give up completely on providing apartments leading to a critical shortage of rental housing in the future all thanks to feminism.

  6 Responses to “Want To Move? Just Make A False Domestic Violence Accusation”

  1. There is still a fair amount of chivalry and lots of female pedestaling attitudes around so some landlords will still rent to women based on that but I agree with you otherwise

    Although don’t be surprised if Mass landlords lobby for some kind of government subsidy to cover their losses

  2. I’ve broken a lease in Boston. People do. The law is deeply pro-tenant already. I don’t know how much impact this can have. Some, on the margins, I guess.

    • But did you have to pay the rent on the time that you did spend in the residence?

      When laws are rewritten in favour of the feminists, they usually use something reasonable as a battering ram to get something unreasonable into the books. For example, breaking lease for extraordinary reasons – reasonable. Breaking lease, then demanding the last 24 months rent back for emotional reasons… feminist.

      • We should be more worried about the inevitable “turn around”. If women can break their leases due to domestic violence, men being evicted for the crime of being “creepy” is just days away. Eventually, renters will (as mentioned in the main post) figure that it’s easier to get rid of “offensive” guys than deal with the inevitable “He scares me” lease breakers. Welcome to sex-segregated housing, just like the pre-Civil Rights Era boarding houses.

  3. Yes, and the long term result of these policies will mean that the only place women will be able to work and live will be brothels.

  4. Maybe hot women will find work in brothels but by that point some form of sex simulation technology is going to make average vagina worth less than average penis in terms of sexual market value

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