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Bharat Mahan wrote an interesting comment at A Voice For Men about tradcon women:

SAHMs are SAHBs – stay at home bloggers.

All the “traditional housewives” I’ve seen trying to infilitrate the Manosphere did so simply to garner compliments from men while their husbands were out at work.

And the men took the bait.

Everytime Alte or Twerk or whoever talked about “homesteading” or home schooling or type up their Menu Plan Mondays with food porn, the men would respond with, “good to know there are still good, solid women like you out there” and “your husband is one lucky man”.

Now tell me, how can you “homestead” and home school when you’re blogging and surfing the Manosphere all day long?

What is behind the phenomenon that Bharat Mahan is talking about should be obvious.  Being a stay at home mother in a modern first world country is make work job for women (just like most workplace jobs are make work jobs for women).  Since being a SAHM is a make work job, what happens can be best described by the saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop/playground”.  The supposed SAHMs spend all their days blogging, and this part of the internet is not immune to this.

We need to recognize this for what it is so we should stop using the term, stay at home mothers.  We should use the term, stay at home bloggers, instead, since that more accurately describes their situation.  These women aren’t doing vital work.  They’re blogging all day because they have nothing better to do.

  7 Responses to “Stay At Home Mothers Or Stay At Home Bloggers?”

  1. The SAHB Entwife Anonymous I recently linked to is a faithful wife, an excellent homemaker, and she’s been a behind-the-scenes organizing force in the alt-right manosphere for a long time; she’s the first to admit that being a homemaker is a pretty sweet gig, but she isn’t using her blog to receive ego-affirming accolades. I’m the one that talked her into it because she’s nervous about receiving the inevitable hate that comes along with writing out the truth.

    She’s doing far more good in the world in her present role, than by working for an official job and paying for Obama’s socialism with her taxes.

    • There are exceptions, although like with LGR, I wouldn’t consider them tradcons in the first place.

      She’s doing far more good in the world in her present role, than by working for an official job and paying for Obama’s socialism with her taxes.

      This assumes she would be a net taxpayer. Chances are she wouldn’t be since most women aren’t net taxpayers.

  2. LOL, of course I may be such, but I had to laugh cause I truly don’t know how some tradcon bloggers have the time to post as frequently as they do. I can barely do a post a week (more like every few weeks) and I just have one toddler. Comments alone at some places blow my mind to have the time follow a 200 comment thread and stay engaged with it.
    Hestia is probably the best example of a true SAHM.

    • Obviously, this doesn’t apply to every single woman in this part of the internet. Like you said you barely have the time to blog so clearly you (and others like Hestia) aren’t stay at home bloggers. From my perspective at least, you aren’t a tradcon either so you can’t be a SAHB in that manner either.

  3. […] during which Aurini – ironically – linked me to Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech’s most recent post about the manosphere’s influx of stay-at-home blogger […]

  4. I have time to blog, but that’s because I’m not pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. Perhaps that kicks me out of the tradcon wife category, though. At any rate, interesting discussion.

  5. Methinks some of these SAHB are just older women, with adolescent or adult children that simply don’t require so much effort (unlike toddlers and young kids). The house itself – if it isn’t a giant house and the woman isn’t a perfectionist – will take at really most 4 hours daily of work (including a big yard and a big dog or two).
    I myself (a young man, btw) take about a little more than 1 hour every other day to keep the house, even less with those nifty appliances like the vacuum and the dishwashing and the washing machines. I live alone, the house is big but, being an apartment, don’t have any yard. My lunch will take some time more (a little less than 1 hour to do everything), but as I don’t have the time, I simply leave the lunch ready for the next 2 or 3 days.
    Of course kids will add to this, and though I don’t know exactly how much (don’t have any of my own), I believe that with young kids being homeschooled, homemaking will be more strenuous, becoming an all-day occupation when they are little babies, and less as they grow older, but still much job at least until they become teenagers.
    Well, said this… I think this explains why we see all those SAHBs from the tradcon background. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think many (if not most) of them are older women, with adolescent or adult children. Although, as I don’t read many “she-bloggers”, and really liked only few of them (LGR, Hestia – that IIRC don’t blog anymore – and Grerp – idem as Hestia), maybe I just plainly wrong about this.

    (sorry if there are errors, english is not my primary language)

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