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The USPS is planning to end Saturday mail delivery in six months (although they will still deliver packages on Saturday).  This makes sense.  For me personally, the mail has turned into an unwanted garbage delivery service since I get so little relevant postal mail now.

I was reading some articles about this, and I noticed a common theme.  All the articles had women talking about how ending Saturday mail delivery would be a disaster (for them) such as this one:

For her part, [Melissa] Delacruz, at the post office to close her late mother’s post office box, worries that with the elimination of Saturday service, it’ll take longer to get vital mail, like child support checks. “Without Saturday (service) you have to wait all the way until Monday,” she said.

Lacking a computer and the ability to communicate via email and other electronic means at home, Delacruz relies on the USPS. “I’m not fortunate enough to have a computer and stuff,” she said.

Like 48 hours is going to make that much of a difference on a child support check.  If an extra 48 hours for a child support makes that much of a difference, then you have a big problem and it’s not the lack of Saturday mail delivery.  Here’s an idea.  If your life is so messed up that you need a child support check on Saturday instead of Monday, then it means that you need to better organize your life instead of blaming (men at) the post office.

As for not having a computer, I bet this woman has a smartphone so that’s no excuse.

Sharon Hill still uses the postal service to pay bills because she doesn’t trust uploading all her vital information to the web to allow automatic online payment. “To me, I don’t feel secure paying online,” she said. “There’s too much hacking going on.”

I’m willing to bet hackers already have all of this woman’s info because she uploaded it to Facebook so she has no reason to not use online bill pay.  More importantly, the post office doesn’t exist to cater to women.  The post office can’t spend billions of dollars to cater to a woman’s whims.

If the USPS is going to survive, then it is going to have to make some tough choices.  It can not be held back by women like the above examples who expect the post office to cater to them because they have vaginas.

  4 Responses to “Post Office Ends Saturday Delivery: Women Hardest Hit”

  1. This also means that lots of women will be losing USPS jobs – every post office I’ve ever been in is 75% women and many mail carriers are women too

  2. PMAFT,

    My late mother avoided using ATMs and online bill pay for the same reasons cited by this woman; she was worried about passing her personal info online. She got nailed anyway. Here’s the story…

    Back in 1995, someone got her banking account information in NYC, and this person had raided her account and others. This is in SPITE of not using ATMs! That’s the irony of all this. Anyway, I had to drive her to a NYPD precinct station, so she could get assistance from the watch commander, a no nonsense, no BS sergeant. He was great!

    The bank tried to give him some song and dance about not knowing who was doing this; they didn’t know who was raiding the accounts. The sgt. called BS; he said that if their ATM was spitting out money to him and other random people, then they’d damn well KNOW who it was in short order. Anyway, thanks to his help, the issue was resolved.

    But yeah, my mother never did online bill pay. Part of that was because she didn’t want to share her personal info online; part of it was her computer skills were never sophisticated enough. She eschewed ATM and debit card use for the same reason; she didn’t want to put her info out there. Even so, someone got her info anyway, and raided her account back in the 1990s.


  3. Having a functioning post office is one of the things that distinguishes a country from a failed state.
    Just sayin’.

  4. Of course women are going to be hardest hit- women make up the majority of consumers, which is precisely why misandrist crap like Dr Phil is so successful and why the countless magazines out there telling women that men are to blame for all their problems.

    But yes, however will they survive going without their latest pile of consumerist crap for one more day. Hold me, I think the world is ending and we’re about to be sucked into Jupiter’s atmosphere while the solar system crashes into the centre of the galaxy.

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