Feb 202013

There’s a conversation going on at Dalrock’s blog about the “Traditional Women’s Rights Activists”.  (The comments in that conversation are also good for showing why tradcons are useless when it comes to fighting feminism.)  PPM had this to say about TWRAs:

It’s obvious what TWRA is – naked female self interest and nothing more. It is raw feminine imperative, without the intelligence or guile to disguise itself.

I doubt this is a feminist false flag operation. Rather, it is an expression of unfettered entitlement and narcissism. Feminism may have unleashed these sins from their traditional constraints, but even feminism has some principles, as errant as they may be. TWRAs have none.

This is one of the reasons why I consider TWRAs to be what I call nazbol misandrists.  Both feminists and tradcons at the very least pretend to be consistent with the left wing and right wing political traditions respectively.  Nazbol misandrists don’t care about that.  If you look at the Feminine Mystique TWRA blog, you will see the author use whatever is convenient to advance female entitlement and narcissism.  You find plenty of examples of the author of that blog quoting both feminists and tradcons.  It doesn’t matter if there is any consistency with outside political traditions or if their ideas are consistent with each other.  It’s all about unifying previously separate misandrist ideas (just as the Nazbols in Russia unified the previously separate Russian nazi ideas and Russian communist ideas) into a single block of pure misandry serving female self interest.

The best example of how nazbol misandrists are all about pure female self interest is how they hate the MRM.  The TWRAs have spent more time hating the MRM than even tradcons and feminists do.  There is even a sister blog to Feminine Mystique TWRA called Oppose the MRM.  While both tradcons and feminists hate the MRM, there is a limit to how much either group can express their hate of the MRM before running into conflict with the political principles they have associated themselves with.  Nazbol misandrists don’t have any limits on expressing their hatred of the MRM because the only principles of nazbol misandry are female self interest and female entitlement.  The MRM stands in the way of female self interest and entitlement so the nazbol misandrists oppose the MRM with a fury that has the power of thousands of stars, but only give a token opposition to feminism.

In many ways nazbol misandry is the default form of misandry for most women (and manginas) like Danger said at Dalrock’s blog:

TWRA is essentially a large percentage of all women.

We all know the saying “There are no feminists on a sinking ship”. So yes, they all expect deferential treament.

This concept at it’s roots is a form of socialism, where it is your duty to provide something else to someone else for free. It is also part of the reason women vote so liberally, they really do feel entitled to being taken care of throughout their lives, regardless of the subject.

While I would replace TWRA with nazbol misandrists in what Danger said because a lot of women might not like the TWRA talk about traditionalism (even though the TWRAs don’t consider themselves tradcons), Danger is correct.  Most women are feminists only to the point where it serves their self interest.  Most women aren’t interested in feminism when its gets into forming lesbian communes and the like.  The same is true in the opposite direction when it comes to traditional conservatism.  Since the nazbol misandrists are purely about female self interest, they can “deliver” what most women want more so than either the feminists or the tradcons can.

  11 Responses to “Nazbol Misandry Is Female Self Interest In It’s Most Pure Form”

  1. I really, truly WANTED to like these women; I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, when they said that MRAs hate women and want to rape them, I simply could not. I mean, WTF?!

    I also don’t like their attitude or demeanor. They’re shrill, obnoxious, lacking in empathy, and will not tolerate dissent at all. I could think of many words to describe them, but feminine would NOT be one of them. Isn’t one of the hallmarks of a traditional woman femininity? Do these women exhibit that? No, so I am compelled to question their honesty and sincerity.

  2. Truth is, there aren’t that many women who really want chivalry, nor are there that many women who really want equality.

    What most women of all political stripes actually want is a hybrid of chivalry and equality which gives women the benefits of both and the obligations of neither, while sticking men with the obligations of both and the benefits of neither.

    • Exactly. And in the future we will see both feminists and traditionalists working together, trying to strongarm men back into the hybrid.*

  3. Any way you cut it, a feminist is a feminist no matter what clothing they choose to put on. The TWRA blog is a feminist sewer like any other. Aside from that, they probably are rejecting the “conservative” label more than they are the “traditional” part – given that one is an atheist and the other seems Jewish, that seems pretty logical.

  4. My man,

    When I first discovered the FM blog, I wanted to like them; I really, truly did. Unfortunately, between their attitude, baseless accusations, shrill demeanor, lack of empathy for men, and total lack of tolerance for dissent; I could not like them, let alone support them.

    For example, they say that MRAs hate all women and want to rape them. REALLY?! Come again, Rampart? For someone who professes to stalk MRA blogs, websites, etc., she sure is ignorant about the DIVERSITY of MRAs in particular, and the Manosphere in general. Perhaps Edita isn’t the scholar she thinks she is…


  5. The way I see it, these nazbol misandrists are cherry picking to form an ideology that best suits them. At the end of the day, its all about their entitlement – you will never run away from that.
    And what chivalry are we talking about? To quote MarkyMark, these c***s “want chivalry with the bills and equality with the paycheck”. Best bet? Ignore them. And we are falling into their trap by giving them attention.

  6. In the modern age a woman who expects you to work but cannot live with less is nothing more than a slave driver.
    In other words, you are being asked to go into the grave early to “prove your love”.
    What sick person wants the person she is in love with to die early?

  7. The whole concept of anti-feminism is what it is, a wartime alliance against feminism. Now that feminism is perceived to be weakened different groups are breaking the alliance. Should get interesting and possibly scary how things turn out as this could go anyway now.

  8. […] type movement is that men deserve more then women. Women who agree with such notions get praised. But women who expose the MRA’s get attacked. Thus the whine fest never ends, until all women fully submit to the destructive tyrannical […]

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