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The votes are in for the December 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.  The winner with 80% of the vote is Tira Bland, the woman who gave up the child she had with her then husband, a U.S. Army drill instructor, without his knowledge while he was separated from her.   The Entitlement Princess of the Month award can’t keep going without your support.  Remember to keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This month there are two candidates.  The first, submitted by Neptune, is Estelle Carson.  She is a woman who stole from a partially blind, developmentally disabled, wheelchair bound elderly woman with cerebral palsy.  Carson was named Jefferson County (Colorado) Democrat of the Year while she under investigation for this theft.   Carson was later convicted of felony theft.

The second, submitted by Roy Movrich, is Gina Rio.  She is a woman who is 23 years old and who The Sun newspaper in the UK called Britain’s most spoiled girl.  When Rio’s parents divorced when she was 14, she demanded a fortune from her dad and got 20,000 GBP a month from her dad until she was 17.  Rio then had a falling out with her dad which caused him to stop giving Rio money, but then her mom starting giving her 10,000 GBP a month and has been doing that since.  Rio has also demanded expensive junk from her dad like Hermes bags to prove that he loves her more than his significant other.  Rio’s mother says that she is “proud” of her.

Vote for one of the entitlement princesses in the poll below. Remember you are voting for the biggest entitlement princess, not necessarily the most evil woman or the most violent woman or the most insane woman or the biggest whore.

Who is your vote for the January 2013 Entitlement Princess Of The Month?

  • Gina Rio (76%, 44 Votes)
  • Estelle Carson (24%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 58

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