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By now I’m sure all of you have heard about Chris Dorner, the former LA cop who went on a killing spree.  He produced a manifesto against the LAPD, but there is a small part of it that we should know about:

Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target.

Since Chris Dorner is trying to defend feminism here, he is a feminist despite his complaints against misandrist lesbians.  Misandry is feminism so trying to separate the two is a useless exercise in cognitive dissonance.  It’s likely that Chris Dorner’s cognitive dissonance about feminism contributed to driving him insane and going on this killing spree.  Chris Dorner would have been better off if he became an anti-feminist.

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  1. Normally I’d be on board… except there are 2 contradictory manifestos. I don’t actually know what to think about this guy. Any news about that?

  2. You try and reach any deeper into two sentences, and you’re going to pull the Illuminati out of your own ass. This nutcase has expressed an intent to murder some lesbian officers by calling them high value targets. Claiming he supports feminism is just laughable. Stay away from psychological terminology unless there’s an adult to help you out. Now go back to playing with your X-box, Timmy.

    With every post you make, you are closer and closer to becoming another Omega Virgin Revolt fruitcake.

  3. Since Chris Dorner is trying to defend feminism here,
    he is a feminist despite his complaints against misandrist lesbians.

    He defends feminism right up to the point where he realizes it’s shitting in his own backyard. Then of course he starts railing against it. There aren’t too many coherent political truths in his “manifesto”; it’s mostly junk absorbed by osmosis from countless hours of Oprah and Hollyweird.

    The part about the corruption of the LAPD I believe 100%.

  4. Meh – he is trying to counter feminists who will derail what he is trying to do by making it all about the wimminz. It only makes him a “feminist” if you adopt a strict “whoever is not for us is against us” mentality, and that way madness lies.

  5. yet another example of how leftists, when confronted with conflicting information [in this case lesbian feminists not acting the part of cosmic justice utopia for all liberalism] will, instead of it all leading them to question their beliefs, shoehorn the facts to fit their beliefs

    • This is the best answer probably. I don’t believe Dorner was a feminist. He wasn’t an MRA either. He was probably just a blue-piller of the “You know, feminism had some good ideas,but it’s really starting to go too far” variety. You know the type,naive,superficial,irreclaimable.

      I’ll give you this,PMAFT,he tries to separate the results of feminism (misandry) from the ideology itself and this puts him closer to the feminist camp than ours. Any MRA would have noted that the misandry could be traced directly back to feminism.While a feminist’s reply would most likely have been similar to Dorner’s,the true feminist would have pretended there was something wrong with the male subordinates and not the lesbo mini-mussolini.

      By the way, you need to catch up on your patriarchal Illuminati dues,those rape parties we arrange don’t come cheap as you well know.

  6. […] he actually gets laid, there seems to be an attempt to get him to leave.  This last weekend PMAFT was attacked on his own blog by someone who said that he was turning into another “Omega….  This is obviously a shaming tactic to get PMAFT to shut up, but why did the attacker feel it was […]

  7. I don’t see a point in calling “he is a feminist!” even on a monster like him or worse than him. The actions are not based on feminism, and using “he is a feminist” would only be Guilt by Association (like “Hitler supported animal rights” is too).

    If Chris Dorner was a feminist he seems to exclude those wimminz who are misandric from the “true” feminism he tries to whitewash. This would make him an equity feminist (someone like Christina Hoff Sommers) rather than a gender feminist (like Valerie Solanas or majority of modern academic feminists). Equity feminists are support true equity and are considered by most gender feminists (i.e the majority of feminists) to not be feminists at all, or even “anti-feminists” because equity feminism reject female supremacy.

    So, the “worst” label we could put on Chris Dorner on subject of “feminism” is that of “equity feminist”. And considering people like Christina Hoff Sommers is basically on the MRA’s side, is it really bad to try to equate manslaughter to equity feminism simply with Guilt by Association?

    No, this is nuts. I don’t blame gender feminists (for this). I don’t blame equity feminists or MRA (for anything). Blaming either one for this, is intellectual dishonesty. One might as well blame Hillary Clinton for this. She’s also mentioned in the manifesto. As is LGBT community (several mentions).

    The guy flipped. That’s it.

    • Chris Dorner made a point to defend feminism despite how he was hurt by misandrist lesbians (which is feminism). That deserves comment. Was this the primary cause of Chris Dorner going insane? No. Could his cognitive dissonance in trying to reconcile being a feminist and being a victim of feminism been a contributing factor and/or evidence of his deteriorating mental state? Possibly yes.

      None of Chris Dorner’s primary complaints were about feminism, but I had no interest in commenting on the other 99.9% of his manifesto which has been done by others more extensively. However, Chris Dorner is an interesting case study on the lengths some men will go through to defend feminism even when they are hurt by it.

      • “Chris Dorner made a point to defend feminism despite how he was hurt by misandrist lesbians (which is feminism).”

        No. That’s not all of “feminism”. That’s more like “gender feminism”, i.e vast majority of modern feminism. There are still a handful (yeah, only a handful) of women who prefer word “(equity) femism” and basically do MRA activity.

        While 99% of modern feminism does fall into other categories of feminism than the non-misadric kind (which is called either usually “equity feminism” or “libertarian feminism”) it’s not totally wise to reject the equity feminist movement due to historical reasons. They are basically the 1st wave feminists. (2nd and 3rd wave feminists are the misandric kind.)

        It is rather unfortunate that 1st wave feminism (which set it’s aim for women to have equal legal rights) is no longer a fashionable variant of feminism, even to the point that 2nd and 3rd wave feminist not only do not consider them part of feminism but label them anti-feminists, i.e as being to the very core against feminism… yet, even 2nd and 3rd wave feminists tend to brag with the achievements (suffrage, right to consume alcohol, right to own property, etc.) of 1st wave feminists.

        So yeah, it’s a battle of who gets to define the meaning of words.

        And no, not all 1st wave feminists had a moral backbone. They wanted universal suffrage without women having to be forced for draft. Men received the right to vote by fighting in the front lines, dying by thousands to protect the nation, while most women were happy to stay at home, safe. Some of these had the backbone to oppose womens suffrage because the idea of having equal rights without equal obligations is not equity, but cherry picking.

        So yeah, 1st wave feminism isn’t entirely for equity. But I wouldn’t call it outright misandristic either.

      • So basically, I don’t consider Dorner as a feminist (or a “profeminist” because feminist circles are so sexist they don’t accept male feminists in the same was a simply because he doesn’t see through the smokescreen.

        What I can see is that he takes “feminism” as a monolith made of equity goals. That is even more crap than taking the “feminism” as a monolith made purely of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists. (Simply because 99% is closer to 100% than it’s to 0%.)

        Hence, my critique was toward “Chris Dorner Is A Feminist” which I consider pretty much a bullshit. And even if it wasn’t bullshit, it would be totally meaningless trivia not worthy of blogging because it’s implication of Guilt by Association… and I sincerely hope MRAs would try to argue better, without logical fallacies that most feminists use on rapid fire.

        Claiming: “Misandry is feminism so trying to separate the two is a useless exercise in cognitive dissonance. It’s likely that Chris Dorner’s cognitive dissonance about feminism contributed to driving him insane and going on this killing spree.”
        …holds a bit more merit that attempting to make Dorner as a feminist. I’d still rephrase the wording to “Feminism permits misandry” (unlike what they would like you to believe and what Dorner believed (assuming he burned to death in that cabin today)) rather than “feminism is misandry”.

        Both of the wordings will, however, create cognitive dissonance, i.e doublethink.

        Did the cognitive dissonance play a significant role? I doubt it. But in case of Anders Behring Breivik, it might be quite a bit more likely considering the abuse he had to endure from her mother, some of which was sexual in nature. Breivik must have used a lot of doublethink anyway, considering in his youth he was in gangs made up of Muslim immigrants, accepted them, yet committed to slaughter youth that had connections to left wing politics because they’re too lenient toward Muslims.

        How destructive is cognitive dissonance, i.e living in a denial, to a human psyche? I believe, very. It’s probably behind many school shootings as well. Broken self-esteem of boys who basically are successful in everything except in the eyes of the only thing that matters for young men: women.

        I guess it’s something about failing to meet expectations handed to every person within a gender. Even women tend to do stuff like murder babies when they feel uncertain whether they’re capable of caring for them… probably because society tells: “women know the BEST about their own children”. It obviously also the reason why children from divorced parents usually go to the mother.

        The reason why myth of “women knowing the BEST” is still spread is probably because it’s “positive” sexism, and mostly benefits women, where as men’s stereotypes usually don’t benefit themselves. The idea of men being achievers by nature, or worse still, being “helped into positions by The Patriarchy” is a bad stereotype… especially for men. Because not all men to achieve.

        Fewer men “achieve” than women manage to be successful mother for example. It’s because men have to achieve on their own. Women can rely on help to be successful in their stereotypes, yet still society tends to consider the achievers.

        So, how bad was the cognitive dissonance caused by gender expectations from society and close individuals to Dorner, I don’t know. According to Wikipedia, only his mother is known, so presumably he didn’t have a proper male figure. Not all sons of single mothers grow up crooked but many do. It’s difficult to learn gender expectations without having the possibility to observe one who succeeds in them. Because you should NEVER listen to women about what they like in a man. They tell what the would like to like in a man. They’re not honest with themselves because they also live in a cognitive dissonance.

        • So basically, I don’t consider Dorner as a feminist (or a “profeminist” because feminist circles are so sexist they don’t accept male feminists in the same was a simply because he doesn’t see through the smokescreen.

          I was writing about Chris Dorner’s mental state and how a man hurts himself by choosing to be a feminist. What goes on in feminist circles was immaterial to my commentary, since the subject was Chris Dorner’s mental state and beliefs, not whether he was accepted by other feminists.

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