Jan 272013

Typhonblue had some interesting things to say about tradcons:

The Men’s Rights Movement offers an effective opposition to feminism.

Traditionalists oppose feminism the way indulgent parents oppose their spoilt rotten daughter when she’s throwing a petite mal tantrum in the middle of a grocery store:

“Oh, dear, please don’t do that, please don’t be upset, sweetheart let daddy get you a loli? No? A doll? A puppy?” And then the indulgent traditionalist daddy turns around and breaks his son’s nose with his fist for “not stopping your sister from getting upset in the first place!”

Why is this? Because traditionalists are not equipped to recognize female agency, much less deal with it. Over and over again they prove that they prefer to blame the nearest man.

This is an excellent summary of tradcon behavior.

Also isn’t it sort of suspicious that traditionalist women are suddenly interested in opposing feminism just as male liberation is getting off the ground?

That entire article was void of any compassion for men; any sense that men exist outside of the writer’s fears and needs.

Traditionalist women need the Men’s Rights Movement far more then the MRM needs traditionalist women. They are gynocentric to the core; would they be willing to challenge their own male-hatred? Their gynocentric beliefs? The idea that women have the right or even the ability to define men? How about the author’s apparent knee-jerk belief that men are always to blame?

Tradcon women need the MRM in the same way that WW1 generals need large armies of cannon fodder.  This is why, as Typhonblue correctly points out, tradcon women need the MRM more than the MRM needs tradcon women.  In fact, the MRM doesn’t need tradcon women at all (unless they become actual MRAs).

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  1. Barbarossaaaa just posted an excellent video on youtube on how feminism and traditionalism are both gynocentrism.

  2. But what is motivating traditionalist women to do this? Are they really unable to find men to marry? I have seen Bennett et al telling men to man up, and Suzanne Venker blaming feminist war on men.. and even the occasional feminist woman in her late 30s or 40s unable to find a man to marry..
    but do we have any solid anecdotes/articles of conservative women in their youth or later unable to find men to marry?

    • In the christian community, there is an emerging recognition that men are leaving churches and the ones who stay are either elderly, married, or eager-to-please sycophants. Seriously, one pastor called them “Bible dweebs” in a blog.

      So the young women in the church don’t get tingles from any of the single men in the church, and they have to seek tingles outside the church. (Or, they mate with interlopers running Sunday Morning Nightclub Game.) Plus, the marriage rate society-wide is dropping like a stone and desirable men have great incentive to avoid commitment.

      It’s the Church’s own fault, because their longstanding female supremacism combined with a focus on female-centric “feelings-based” worship rather than goal-based teachings that men favor. This helped the men in the leadership positions form their own harems of female attention and $$$ but it turned off the upwardly mobile men.

      Traditionalists are upset because they feel their preferred female pedestal rotting under their feet, and they would prefer not to sully themselves by jumping on the feminist pedestal.

  3. Tradcons do not exist. They are a hypothetical construct of the feminist mind.

    This is a crap article.

  4. Is there any reason to believe there are enough men in the MRM for even tradcon women to care about, much less “need”? Outside blog circles, the MRM is unknown. Politically, in the US, the MRM is a nullity. I know in the UK the fathers’ rights guys have at least managed to notify the public that they exist.

  5. These are not the droids you’re looking for.

  6. “Tradcons do not exist. They are a hypothetical construct of the feminist mind.

    This is a crap article.”

    These are not the droids you’re looking for.

  7. Tradcons are confidence tricksters.
    In the modern world, there is about as much chance of the average guy finding a woman that will be loyal to him, that there is of finding a diamond in a stream.

    By the time they’re ready to get married,
    most women have hosted a cock parade.

    Women choose who they have sex with …
    but men choose who they commit to.

    Hence why average men are now avoiding marriage, to the average woman who has it easy in getting sex.

  8. Traditionalist conservatives don’t exist?

    That is just laughable.

  9. Put two women and a couple of cats in a one-bedroom apartment, and this will encourage more men to GTOW. We know we’ll never come out of there alive.

  10. I’m not surprised. I live in a high end condo building which has a good percentage of the units available for rent. This allows me to see who is buying condos and who is renting condos (which are the equivalent of high end apartments for rent). There are no single women here living by themselves. There are unmarried women living with roommates, unmarried women living with boyfriends, married couples, and some guys living by themselves like me, but no women living by themselves. This means even women who have large salaries can’t foot a mortgage or rent here. And I live in a large condo building so I should be able to find at least one woman living by herself even if she’s a widow.

    Like you said, these women have no prospects martially or financially.

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