Jan 302013

Barbarossaaaa has a new video out called Traditionalism and feminism, the great gynocentrisms of our time.  It’s over an hour, but it’s very good.  Take a look at it.

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  1. Ontopic:

    Barbarossa rocks!!!


    PMAFT any chance of an article of you having hot monkey loving with some of the top feminists of our time?

    Or a sex tape of you gaming Walsh’s daughter & then posting it on HUS … proving to walsh game works & her daughter really wanted your cock …

    I think they’d make great articles …

    Ive got more ideas … ie how to have a 3some with a slut & her mom !! I have real life experience …

    Or how about feminists are so stupid they have sex with plastic shaped penises, even though they hate men ….

    Or how to AMOG & cockblock your church pastor from banging ALL your chicks at Sunday pick up club?

    If you ever need more articles you know who to call … fyi fridays i hit the local bible club & 3some the pastor his wife & their babysitter

    Good times …. keep it up PMAFT, seriously I love your blog

    Post more stuff … gdmmit!!!


    Barbarossa rocks!!!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention …


    I guess I took too much speed & decided to post this … I hope you guys learn something from this …

    Do more drugs …

    Toodles … Rmaxd banging barely fuckable feminists for far too long…

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