Dec 102012

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When speaking about mens rights issues, one thing you will hear plenty of times is some variant of “why can’t we declare a truce between feminists and MRAs?”  or “why can’t we have a truce in the battle of the sexes?”  Suzanne Venker even called for a “truce” in a followup to her “war on men” article.  It’s a form of triangulation to get MRAs and MGTOW to shut up, but there is more to it than that.  It’s a Feminist Hudna.

A hudna is an Islamic term for a truce.  The first hudna was the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyya, a 10 year truce in 628 AD ending hostilities between Mohammed and the Arabian tribe of Quraysh.  Muhammad and his followers used the period of truce to rebuild their forces, and after just 2 years the treaty was broken leading to the defeat of the Quraysh tribe.  There are conflicting interpretations of what happened.  One interpretation says that Muhammad and his followers had no intention of honoring the treaty and were planning to attack as soon as they could marshal their forces to defeat the Quraysh tribe.  Another interpretation says that the Quraysh tribe broke the treaty.  While either interpretation could be correct, the former interpretation describes how feminists act.

The reason why we hear all this talk about a “truce” from feminists and others is because feminism has run into some real problems.  Men are starting to wake up to what feminism (and female behavior in general) is doing.  Men under 30, in particular, are waking up in huge numbers and getting fed up with women.  Increasing numbers of men are deciding to go ghost and completely ignore women.  Even men who aren’t going ghost are avoiding marriage.  Plenty of men have realized that they only want to work as much as they needed leading to less money going to government coffers and women who need a financial bailout.  With feminism starting to run off the rails, what do feminists and other female supremacists do?  They declare they want a “truce” that is really a hudna so that they can regroup, strengthen themselves, and lull men into a false sense of security.  They have no intention of stopping their campaign against men or actually respecting the rights of men.

There is no such thing as an honest truce with feminists or other types of female supremacists.  It’s all a hudna so that they can regroup and attack men harder.

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