Dec 242012

There is a new startup in California called, Sinful Robot, which is producing the world’s first VR sex video game.  For their VR, Sinful Robot is using the Oculus Rift headset, a new VR headset currently in development that is a quantum leap in the development of virtual reality.  (Fox News has more about Sinful Robot and the VR sex video game they’re developing.)  Sinful Robot is also hiring for anyone that’s interested.

With a development like this, VR sex is moving forward to becoming reality.

  10 Responses to “The First VR Sex Video Game”

  1. Once it is well-disseminated, there will be shirt-ripping, teeth-gnashing, and rolling in the dirt. LOL. Maybe science will eventually allow it to give me a son, who will be raised absent the matriarchy. He’ll be the next Alexander!

  2. Glad VR sex is making progress.

    Along with the artificial womb and the male pill, I hope to see something along the lines of female-formed procreating robots or female reverse-cyborgs (aka human body with artificial brain) capable of giving birth / raising offspring as true liberation from matriarchy.

    Since not only would it allow men to effectively continue the human race independent of women and allow us to regain our sacredness, reproductive rights and self-control/respect as men (no longer being disposable utilities), but also such advances can be easily passed off as benevolent to the Blue Pill world and have other potential applications beyond the manosphere’s interests (mainly for profit and spreading out the costs for the purpose of making the advances more accessable to the common man in the mid/long-term), while we covertly invest in the future towards the end of ultimately defeating matriarchy on the demographic front.

  3. It is time to use the old feminist tactic against them. “Feminism benefits men as well”…

    “VR Sex will benefit the wimminz as well…” or “VR Sex will help liberate the wimminz from those ugly betas…”.

    Perhaps someone with a better understanding of marketing can come up with something more catchy.

  4. Why are you promoting this purveyor of sin? Isn’t it enough you defile women by the truckload?

    With your money, I bet you’re one of the lead investors of this satanic enterprise. You could have invested your money in a godly business that promotes Christian marriage, but you chose the unholy path of pornography.

    I can’t believe I read this on Christmas day, the day when we celebrate the birth of our lord and savior. I will pray for the salvation of your soul.

  5. Can’t tell if “Traditional man” is real or a poe. Ach, Poe’s Law…

  6. Damn this better not be our first induction into the matrix.

  7. i’ll
    i’ll pray for the salvation of your dick

  8. meant that for trad man

    anyway the truth is your hands, porn and a little ingenuity are all that’s really needed

    it’s just that most men get sucked into the woman racket, one way or another, long before they can ever get that good with their hands

  9. btw some have suggested that most opposition to this stuff (i.e. most pussy cartel protectionism) would be expected to come from the political right

    it then might appear that socon/tradcon fems have recently found a big opportunity in the recent school shootings to blame video games (ostentatiously to defend gun rights but in reality to try to get all video games banned)

    would link to some sites but seem unable

    just google nra and video games

    might be worth a post eh pmaft?

  10. @evilwhitemalempire

    Oh, they’ll try to ban it all right, or the very least, restrict it. And they’ll fail.

    The simple reason being that so long as indie games can be cooked up by two to five guys in their bedrooms and garages and distributed through the internet, there is NO HOPE of stopping the advent of these games, even if every single manjor studio and publisher suddenly complied.

    The sheer number of ameteur pornographic games around just proves that.

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