Dec 012012

Last month, there was no voting for an entitlement princess because there was someone so deserving that voting wasn’t necessary.  That was Shidea N. Lane, the woman who verbally attacked and then physically attacked Cleveland bus driver, Artis Hughes, because he wouldn’t let her ride for free.  Even though she instigated everything, she still tried to paint herself as a victim.  This level of entitlement cause Lane to win last month’s award since her entitlement would be beyond any other potential candidates.

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This month we have a similar situation as last month especially since this is related to Veterans Day which is in November.  This month’s winner is Lindsey Stone, a woman who went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery and posted this pic on her facebook:

It takes a true entitlement princess to disrespect our veterans in this manner (who are mostly MEN), so Lindsey Stone automatically gets this month’s award.  This photo sparked plenty of outrage.  Even her family was pissed at her.  She got fired from her job, taking care of the elderly, for taking this photo (probably because such a woman can’t be trusted with the elderly).

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  1. Just wanted to say GLAD THIS PIECE OF SHIT WAS FIRED. Also wanted to say “Right back at you biotch”

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