Nov 072012

In the aftermath of hurricane super storm Sandy, the rebuilding beings.  Any army of electrical workers worked around the clock to restore power to areas that lost power.  Cleanup crews are pumping away the water from flooded areas.  There is a long list of work being done.  I found a video with a lot of pictures of this work being done, and in all those pictures one group is missing, WOMEN.

Just like with repairing 1700 foot tall transmission towers and HVAC, rebuilding after super storm Sandy is a job that you won’t women doing.  It’s all men.  When there is hard work to be done, dirty work, dangerous work, only men will do it.  Women will be nowhere to be found except possibly to fill out diversity paperwork.  Without men the Jersey Shore and all the other areas devastated by Sandy wouldn’t be rebuilt.

I don’t know when it will happen, but eventually there will be a disaster where insufficient men will be found to rebuild afterwards.  Men have been beaten over the head for 50 years by feminism so one of these days, enough men will say, “screw it”, when it comes to rebuilding after a disaster.  The power grid won’t be repaired since men won’t be working on it.  People will die because there won’t be male first responders to rescue them.  Fires won’t be put out because there won’t be fireMEN to put them out.  There won’t be male construction workers to rebuild devastated areas.

No one notices that women are nowhere to be found after a disaster.  When men are nowhere to be found after a disaster, it will be noticed immediately.

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  1. ”When there is hard work to be done, dirty work, dangerous work, only men will do it. Women will be nowhere to be found except possibly to fill out diversity paperwork.”

    Since there has already been massive Federal financial assistance promised to help rebuild, in this case, men are quite likely to turn out for those tough, dirty, dangerous jobs. I’m actually okay with that many young men need jobs, and such jobs can certainly go a long way towards (male) character-building. In that it seems poised to be a net-win vis-à-vis men/young men, I’m all for it.

    The looming problem will (once again) be that activist women will loudly decry the flow of money towards hard-working men, without an even greater amount flowing towards the easy work women would prefer. I’m wondering what they will be demanding as the “women’s fair-share” of the public dollars to be spent. Are they going to demand that for every construction job created that a corresponding number of )female) social workers be hired to help rebuild peoples psyches and help them get their lives back together?

    It will be difficult for them to make credible arguments for anything other than the physical rebuilding that very few women are cut-out to be able to help out with – but it’s not like they’ll let little issues like REALITY and REASON stop them. And, it’s a sure bet that there will be plenty of pandering mangina’s who will side with the screeching gender-feminists and, in the end, we will again see money diverted from jobs for “burly men” so as to be wasted on “female-friendly” make-work.

    • Just an hour ago, I got off of an A train with half a dozen middle-aged, female Red Cross “Life Coaches”. *Of course* FEMA money has to be diverted to the feminists!

  2. Mr. PM/AFT- I just can’t agree with your predictions. In the event of a disaster, there will ALWAYS be men who look at the situation and figure out a way to profit from repairing the damage. Men might be prevented from repairing the disaster area by a feminist-dominated government, but the idea that men, collectively, will just give up because of feminism is silly. You focus on how obnoxiously stupid and evil feminism is, at the expense of the natural resilience of the men.

    Men invented and built the infrastructure that delivers us our creature comforts like HVAC. Blowing off maintaining these technologies because “wimmen are mean” is cutting off your nose to spite your face, and men are better than that (Proof: we built it in the first place).

    On a separate note, thanks a lot, MaMu1977. Your comment totally pissed me off. Not you, but what you report having seen getting off the train with you. The sad thing is they have no idea how completely useless and worthless they are.

    • I thought that it was funny, paying people to *tell* the victims that “Everything will be alright”, while ignoring the idea that the best way to make things “better” is to make these people *not homeless*. There are (still) a few thousand brickmasons in New York City, and brick houses received the least percentages of damage in the 5 boroughs. The Red Cross is paying seven figures for life coaches and food. Instead, they could be paying the same amount of money in brick, mortar and workers.

  3. Well clearly we need to be blaiming teh patriarchy for preventing women from helping /sarc

  4. Looting women’s homes in such a scenario can be a reasonable idea. If supplies are only distributed to women like in Haiti, then looting women’s homes is both necessary for men to survive and a protest against feminism.

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