Nov 212012

I found this commercial for Toyota from the MGTOW forums:

It’s an interesting commercial because it contains a lot of MGTOW ideas.  The commercial has men buying this car without the approval of their wives and girlfriends.  The wives and girlfriends all start going nuts and destroying things as a result.  This is very unusual for a commercial since women control most consumer spending.

What I suspect we are seeing here is the beginning of commercials that target men who are either going their own way or at least not tied down to women.  This is not the first commercial like this.  We have already seen commercials that target single men for surrogacy services in India.  With a growing population of men either going their own way or at the very least not getting married, these are the types of commercials that would start getting made.  Many companies will want to tap the growing market of men who are not tied down to women.

The frequency of commercials like these are a good metric for seeing how men are increasingly either going their own way or at least rejecting marriage.

  8 Responses to “More MGTOW Commercials?”

  1. advertizing usually doesn’t work on men anyway, there are only a tiny number of products men consume that they are not already aware of.

    so not only is this an interesting new attempt to get the attention of men, it’s with one of the few products that can afford to be advertized.

  2. That Vimeo copy isn’t public. Is there another copy out there? It’s for the GT 86 (yay, looks like the final-iteration Supra rose from the grave), but I can’t find any copy that didn’t get pulled. Apparently they didn’t have permission to use the song — or permission to dispense the red pill either, maybe.

  3. This reminds me. I bought a new car in November of last year and while my girlfriend refrained from going completely batshit crazy on me, she let it be known that she was miffed I did not “include” her in the process. I certainly don’t want to be involved in the process of her going out and buying a new dresser or bed frame. The power moves modern women make are shameless.

  4. I don’t think a low-end sports car is going to be any REAL help to these spineless henpecked beta schlubs, unless it’s followed immediately by ditching the LAND-WHALE SHREWS with whom they are unwisely co-habitating. HMOG, mine EYES! None appeared to even have the “anchor” children issue!

    Conversely, when you see someone driving a 12-CYLINDER beast of a sports car (think minty Lambo Miura SV, if you’re old school like me), the wimminz involved are always slender, hot, and respectful. Alpha-alpha.

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