Nov 122012

I’m sure a lot of you had noticed that the Christian Men’s Defense Network was temporarily made private.  CMD-N is back with more about the slut vote, the topic that caused a spike in CMD-N’s traffic and the need to temporarily take CMD-N private.

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  1. @PMAFT

    Thanks for the linkage. Things got a bit hairy there last week so I decided to re-group before launching a counter-attack.

    • Note that Rob Fedders wasted no time in slamming BSkillet merely for correctly pointing out (as many others have) that far too few MRAs actually do any activism :

      Rob Fedders never misses a chance to discourage activism, and his comment above shows that he even saved an old post from Bskillet in order to whip out now and kick Bskillet while he is down.

      Given that this is all he ever does, and has been doing it for years, some have discussed the possibility that Rob Fedders is a feminist plant :

      I have no idea if he is a plant or not. But what is for sure is that all he ever does is attempt to obstruct activism.

      • Rob Fedders is part of a mob of anti-gamers, along with eric, ybm, alek novy etc

        Unfortunately theyre a bunch of luddites who’re literally against everything …

        They hate activism, paleoism, game & the more masculine parts of the manosphere

        Just the usual clueless backward mainstream drones, trolling like retards on crack …

        • @TFH

          Btw the main reason there are no real activists in the MRA, most of the movement is made up of middle aged men, who hate anything radical … that includes activism

          Essentially beta’s clueless to the bitter end … ie case in point paul elam & the avoice for men site, a haven for people like rob fedders & anti-gamers

          The MAIN reason for no activists, is the Lack Of Solidarity, which scares most activists away

          No solidarity = no activism

          This lack of solidarity is caused by people like Paul Elam W.F Price, etc who refuse to ban people like rob fedders, ybm etc., for deliberately trying to prevent the MRA from becoming a movement …

          Since Price & Paul Elam are so clueless, its going to require activists to build their own blogs & move the MRA forward

      • You have to wonder about Rob Fedders. Why is he so opposed to activism? There are men who think activism will fail and say that ghosting is the only solution, but they don’t oppose the activism of other men. Anyone who comes up with reasons other than that to oppose activism is suspect.

        While it’s possible that Rob Fedders is a feminist plant, I have another theory. There are a lot of “entryists” who come to the MRM looking to take it over for their own ends. White nationalists and tradcons are the two best examples of this. When they realize that the MRM isn’t going to do their bidding, they turn against the MRM and become some of the MRM’s most vocal opponents. Fedders is pissed at us since we don’t care about his conspiracy theories about 100 year old communist plots so he lashes out in this manner. It’s pretty pathetic.

        • Why is he so opposed to activism?

          It is amazing. That is all he ever does. He comments about nothing else except to jump up and obstruct activism.

          I mean, as soon as CMD-N was down, he jumps in to slam a post CMD-N made months ago, that correctly said there is not enough activism.

          Fedders is pissed at us since we don’t care about his conspiracy theories

          It’s that, but possibly even more. He has been doing this for years and years and years. At least white nationalists managed to form a group. Rob Fedders just obstructs MRM activism, and that appears to be all he has done in his life in the last 6 years (he apparently has no full-time job).

          A more pathetic thing, I have not seen. He opposed bringing exposure to the Brian Banks documentary, for god’s sake.

          That being said, *nothing* bugs him more than the URLs @ Urinals campaign. He hates it, but cannot come up with one point why it is such a bad thing (worst case, it is ineffective.. so what?). I interpret that as a positive, since if he is *so* troubled by it, he must really fear that it can work in expanding red-pill awareness.

  2. And now it’s gone, mostly.

  3. I posted the following at bskillet, heres hoping he takes my advice if he seriously wants to no longer post

    Its also relevant to anyone else who wants to start a blog, but has a job & wants to remain anonymous ….

    Its ridiculously easy to guarantee anonymity on the internet …

    Everything is linked to your ip, just use a vpn or post from a netcafe & you become instantly untraceable, with guaranteed anonymity

    Its that simple to become untraceable …

    Just start a new blog & use the above method, & use a free blog

    You dont need a paid domain, rookie mistake number one right there …

    Paid domain = traceable

    Start over on a free blog, & post using a vpn or a netcafe

    Remember to change your nick too …

    If your free blog gets pulled, use the backup & reupload your site onto a different free blog, theres literally millions of free web hosters …

    Basically if you have a job & want to remain anonymous the above method is the way to go …

    If you want a domain, pay using moneybookers from a shop, you dont need id, dont pay online, use a fake address etc

  4. Unfortunately it is not back. I hope it does come back eventually, but I realise it is just not that easy. Well done though on doing what he has done – an EPIC effort.

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