Oct 212012

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For anyone who cares about mens rights, voting can be problematic.  For a particular office the choices are often a feminist vs. a conservative female supremacist who is anti-feminist in name only.  As a result it is understandable that many MRAs would decide that voting is pointless.  However, for MRAs in the U.S. should vote this November for two reasons.

The first reason is that judges at the state level are often elected unlike federal judges who are appointed.  As was said by Dean Esmay at A Voice For Men, anti-family courts operate at the state level, and the courts that falsely imprison men for rape, abuse, or other crimes at state courts.  This means it is possible (depending on the state) to vote misandrist judges out of office.  Even if judges in a particular state aren’t elected, your vote for state offices can have a greater impact than your vote at the federal level.  In addition, in many states district attorneys and prosecutors are elected as well.  This provides the opportunity for MRAs to vote out misandrist prosecutors.  This will need to be a strategy used across multiple election cycles to make it work so the best thing is to get started in November’s election.  (A good place to start is with the information that Dean Esmay provided at A Voice For Men.)

The second reason to vote this November is to put a stop to the “war on women” myth.  As liberal politicians have become more dependent on the women’s vote, their pandering to women has reached a fever pitch with the myth of the “war on women”.  The only way to put a stop to this level of pandering to women is by voting against any and all politicians who say there is a “war on women”.  Vote for a conservative politician or a third party politician.  If there are no candidates for a particular office other than a politician invoking the mythical “war on women”, then write in “the war on women is a myth”.  It doesn’t matter which one you pick, as long as you register a vote that is not for a politician who says there is a “war on women”.  This will also need to be a strategy used across multiple election cycles so again it is best to start by voting this November.

If MRAs vote this November for these two reasons (and continue to vote with the same goals over the next several elections), then this strategy can have a real impact to roll back feminism and help men who would otherwise be in the cross hairs of feminist policies.

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