Oct 242012

Last Friday was the season finale of Boss which I talked about last month.  The Illinois state treasurer who had been caught cheating on his wife was down and out when I had written that post.  His wife who previously didn’t care that he was nailing other women was beginning the process of divorcing him.  Several things happened to change the state treasurer’s fortunes.  His opponent was exposed as a lesbian and her girlfriend was murdered by the mayor.  She decided to suspend her campaign which pretty much delivered the governorship to the state treasurer on a silver platter.  As a result, the state treasurer’s wife decides to come crawling back to him.  They have a conversation that makes her motives very clear.  She asks him if he still has plans for higher office because if he still wanted to be president (which he did) he would need to be married.  She pointed out how there hasn’t been an unmarried president since Buchanan.  For that reason, he takes her back.

While she was humiliated by having her husband’s infidelities exposed, the real reason she left him was because it appeared that he was going nowhere.  Once that was clearly not the case she wanted back.  This is a very realistic depiction of hypergamy in action.  When her husband is falling apart, she leaves because his status was lower than dirt.  When that changed and he’s moving up in the world, everything he did doesn’t matter, and she wants to get back together with him.

While it seems like the state treasurer’s wife might be unusual, she isn’t.  All women are hypergamous.  The only difference here is that when her husband is about to become governor of an entire state, his status is incredibly high so her hypergamy is a bit exaggerated.  However, it’s the same for all women.  AWALT. If you are looking to improve your men’s health take a look at staustinreview.com.

  3 Responses to “She Came Crawling Back”

  1. Why did he decided to take her back? He’s a Governor, he can find new (and better behaved) pussy.

    • It’s not an either or situation for him. As long as he isn’t in another situation where his extramarital activities get discovered, she doesn’t care. He can get both. She is also very good when it comes to helping out with his political career. At one point she was basically his campaign manager. That’s probably the real reason why he took her back.

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