Oct 292012

I was watching The Soup’s special on rednecks.   They had an clip of a slut pulling down her pants to show the tattoo that she had on her butt.  The tattoo said “slut butt” with each word on a separate butt cheek.  (Here is a pic of it, but you might want to treat that link as NSFW.)  When asked why she got a slut butt tattoo, she said, “Because it was free.”  The clip ended there with the host of The Soup saying, “On the contrary, you will be paying for it for the rest of your life.”

That is an interesting metaphor for being a slut.  Even if a slut tries to reform, the mark of being a slut like a slut butt tattoo remains forever.  Being a slut may be “free” at the beginning, but she will be paying for it for the rest of her life.

I’m not surprised the slut butt tattoo was free.  It makes sense to give away that tattoo for free as a public service for the rest of us to identify sluts easily.  It’s too bad we can’t get all sluts to get a slut butt tattoo.

  9 Responses to “If Only All Sluts Could Get This Tattoo”

  1. It should be a requirement when they come of age like young men registering for selective service.

  2. I agree with dawn.

    However I have to say that the apparent expansion of her torso as visible in the top of the photo should ban her from the active slut roster until she gets that under control.

  3. Don’t worry; so many of them have a tramp stamp already that this would just be overkill.

  4. That looks like shit butt to me.

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  6. More like

    NO Butt

  7. The tattoo was a bad choice of metaphor if you’re trying to say that being a slut is something that lasts “forever”, because tattoos are not forever: They can be removed.

    The anti-reform also does not make much sense. It’s akin to saying that people cannot stop being alcoholics. If they stop and don’t revert back to those behaviors over a large amount of time, say about 10-20 years, then it is illogical to continue to give them that label. And I’m talking about people who really quit, not people who just say they’re going to quit but don’t. You can’t honestly call someone who hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol in 10-20 years an alcoholic. Likewise, it makes no sense to call a woman who has voluntarily abstained from sex for 10-20 years a slut. At that point, you’d just be calling her something that is no longer an accurate reflection of her lifestyle. Similar to still calling someone who has given up alcohol an alcoholic, even 10 years later. It’s not reasonable.

    If you are going to evaluate the wrongdoings of others, then do it reasonably.

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